Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Its time i let go

Life has changed is REVOLVING AROUND THE CHILD !!!

And I am writing this after 2 months because for the past two months I was lazy, tired, frustrated, breathless and happy. I knew being a parent is like having a tattoo on your forehead, you have to be extremely in love with what you want, totally sure of how you plan to go about carrying it and prepared for the lifelong commitment.
But boy was I in for a surprise..Our days begin at 6AM with a hyper active 7 teeth 1 year old, who hates being confined. Having said that, the house has been child proofed (read: no furniture with sharp edges) we have stopped using glass utensil and are seen eating in steel, plastic, melamine kind of stuff. The plants in the balconies remain neglected and what once used to be my bougainvillea plant now has 10 Tulsi plants growing. The drawing room crystal showpieces have been replaced by cars and bikes that rotate at 360 degree and have crazy music playing. What once had a huge palm tree pot placed, has a bright orange Hannah Montana bean bag which houses all her dolls and toys and books, newspaper shred, yogurt packets, chocolate wrappers and some stones.
Its been 7 months since G and I have spent time alone, just the two of us. We are more like parents and less of a couple. That big brown couch..well it has never seen us sitting together. We have dinner in turns, so the bub does not jump out of her crib. So far she has got her head banged quiet a few times, had a cut lip, a swollen forehead and other regulars. For a romantic like me, it has pretty much killed me. We manage to sleep on the same bed , yes, but very honest with you..we sleep dead. Either these are signs of an old marriage or either matured relationship. Yes I miss having him all for myself but when I see him with Bub I am the happiest to sit back and watch them play.
Life has changed..i have changed ..i have a feeling this blog will no longer be about just G  and  my sweet moments ~

I finally give in to maturity and wisdom at 30 !


Tanvi said...

As long as you are not saying Goodbye to us, I would be GLAD to read whatever you wish to share.

I cannot even begin to understand how life would be now ... but I am sure it is (will be) all worth it.


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Mom with a Dot said...

Good to see you back ! Welcome to parenting and specifically, motherhood :) Being on the other side of the bridge, I can tell you this lasts only until they turn four or so. Agreed, those 4 yrs can make you feel totally spent; But there is light at the end of the tunnel! Good Luck with everything and hang in there!

Jack said...


You took me back by so many years. This time will always be in your fond memories. Hope you do find time to share her pranks with us. And when she grows up and reads it, it will make the bond even stronger.


SG said...

Nice to see you back after a long absence. You both will cherish this memory for ever. Your children will make even closer bond between you and G. I did not write child. I wrote children. That is intentional.

sulagna ™ said...

tanvi...i cant thank God enough for giving me friends like you :) MWAD please tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel ..please do Jack unlce..its all taking a toll on me and on us i should say but yes Keya makes everything worthwhile SG :) :) like i said to Tanvi, i cant believe i am so lucky to have such amazing friends who have the ability to make me smile even with their words !

Renu said...

But you are creating life time memories for enjoy..

sulagna ™ said...

RENU yes thats absolutely true, i am lucky to be blessed with a healthy child and a father for her who will be the best man in her life :)
however, being a human, above being a mother, i just needed to let off the steam ..and this blog helps you know !!

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Dew drops said...

Everytime i drop by your blog,even if its months,i am left with the same feeling of surprise,emotion and awe.And as i just read this post after a long while,the image of catching you in that Pune mall,all of a sudden just came in my mind :)
Feel so happy to have met you :)

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