Friday, October 21, 2016

I am back

Hi there,

This is awkward, almost like getting to introduce yourself to someone new, almost like wondering "how do i start ".
I have been missing here for 2 years now, but in these two years a lot of  days went by where i dint know how the hours vanished . Nights went by when i woke up and in the moonlight saw G snoring next to me and Pinkshine sleep without the blanket inspite of my numerous attempts at putting that blanket back on. In the past two years weeks went by where i managed to stay afloat on my own without G being a round as he went around fixing bugs in organisations that boasted of Sushi for lunch and Sea weed for dinner. There were moments when I cursed G (not under my breath but pretty loud and clear ) and wished we had never met and the very next moment I would thank God for having sent him in my life. There were times when i sat crouched at the edge of the hospital bed and watched Pinkshine snore softly as the needle with the drip turned her gentle skin blue. I fought demons of time, I defeated my own doubts , i took medicines to fight back cycsts in my stomach which had a terrible way of announcing their presence in my body. There was a time I took out my crisp ironed clothes, said a little prayer and headed to a new workplace,leaving behind the comfort of a 6 year old relationship with my previous employer.
There is a memory of getting knocked down by an autorickshaw and giving up riding a bike, there have been several boarding passes issued and lonely hotel rooms slept in. I tried being Vegan in between but failed miserably in 3 hours when someone announced we are going out for a Biryani party. I also think i mastered the art of kick boxing.
So ...i think i started well, i missed writing ..but now that the password has been found, time could still be a challenege..but I want to write again.

This blog has won me amazing memories and some beautiful friends whom i met in the past 2 years that i went missing..Its been a beautiful 2 years, with a daughter who wants to dress up as toothaste for her fancy dress competition and her father who wants me to make her dries to look like french fries.

So while i get busy making memories let me also send a prayer for all of you..may you always find a reason to smile, every night, when you go to bed.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In love with the imperfect man

G you are stepping on the wrong side of 30 Baby :) and i could not have been more wicked happy about it.

We started off with your 29th Birthday and today after 7 years i am out of ideas. I am out of gifts, out of streamers, balloons, mush cards and all the shenanigans. But one thing my man, i would never run run out of, is..words.

You remain the constant fear in my life, the fear of having tea spilled over the new bedsheets, the fear of forever changing dates of holidays, the fear of hearing from you "lets just sleep today " on a Sunday afternoon, the fear of you not listening to why Jabong is my favorite place to buy online and the greatest fear of all is to hear you say "i dont want to drive that far for your matching earings "

Life is about such simple joys with you, like hearing you ring the bell when you come back from office, i think i greet you more excited than a 3 week old pup would be. Like sitting at that small road side cafe where i thulp on my cold coffee and maggi while you and Keya are too busy fighting eachother as she wants to sip my coffee. Life is about the small joys of watching you pick up my favorite loaf of cake at the shop, without being told, about letting me watch late night sappy movies while you agree to put Keya to bed.Innumerable trips to the streetside shopping paradise, just so i can get the perfect pair of earings, silent painful moments spent waiting outside the taylors shop,unimaginable pain of seeing yet another new pair of sandals or a new suit. But boy, you think i miss the look of admiration when you see me step out wearing something know, i can see that secret admiration, that quiet 2 second approval that you give me, munching on your bread toasts sitting across the dining table. So, everytime i shop, i know who is the happier and prouder soul :)

Having said this my dear heart throb, let me assure you, till the day my heart throbs, its going to always go gogogagga over you because no one can deal with this crazy heart of mine, as well as you do. We as 30 year olds, talking about hearts and hearth throbs after 7 years of marriage is good sign , eh ? who would know that the shy bespectacled boy in his blue corduroys would manage to keep this crabby nomad hinged , for a lifetime.

You have been the strongest rock to lean on and sometime bang my head on, i have rubbed you the wrong way, i have given you mood swings leaving you clueless, i have been bad..but who knew someday i would regret all that. You have taken me at my best worst and when i am myself unsure of , for all that and more, much more, thank you Baby.

Stay this way please ! i love that fussy hand wiping out the dinner plates, i love that unkept hair out of bed, i love those fumbling hands spilling tea, i love those eyes that poke me when it sees something new, i love the short msgs and text in the middle of the day..but most of all, i love my daughters father.

Happy Birthday to the worlds Greatest Father,  stay this way, imperfectly the best !

PS:" Perfect Woman " is a word wrongly included , as a marketing gimmick in that matrimony site 7 years back ! there are no perfect women
, just one woman, who is perfect for you 

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