Monday, August 6, 2012

We Have A One Year Old Daughter !!

And just like that we complete a year of being parents, of being a family of three.

I do remember every detail of you coming into my arms but there are few memories which I never wrote down , but would always want you to know. And what better way than telling you now.

As had been decided between your Baba and me, I was the first one to hold you in my arms, within 15 minutes of you rushing your way out. As the doctors did their thing, I remember looking at you, curled up like a little kitten, your skin fair and pink, your hair wet and in circles ,your hands curled under your body and that absolutely adorable to-die-for tushy risen up, round and glowing.But what took my breath away were your eyes, as your tried to keep them open and squint and look around, and stare into my eyes. You dint scream or shout, but very quietly took it all in as if to wait and watch for what happens next.
And then Baba walked into the room, in his purple t-shirt he was so excited, as he clapped his hands together and took his first look at you. And I must tell you that was the biggest smile I had ever seen till that day on his face. That night as we were in the hospital room, it struck us, that we are now three, a family of three. You are no longer just that kick boxer in my tummy, but our daughter. And this was also the night when you made it very clear that Baba would be the one person whose arms you would love to throw yourself into, as he walked with you for Two hours and I slept.
Your Dadu and Dida were …well..over the top .You were just what they had prayed for and as news spread, everyone started calling to know about you. Your Thamma and Dadu and Pishi were so excited that you were finally here.As pictures were being sent, the first verdict was out : She looks like her mother and is quiet like her father.
Girl were they wrong.

Today you have 7 teeth, can clap your hands when you see any one us walking in the door, scream your lungs out when we try to force feed you and various such rowdy moments. The past one year was about so many beautiful memories, sleepless nights, feeling your fingers curl around mine, seeing you cry with colic, hearing your laughter when Baba would play hide-n –seek with you, seeing you struggle with sleep, worrying about you being born with barely any hair , to buying more than a hundred clips for you so far to tame your wild bunch of hair, Thank God that you love the car seat and are peacefully snoring in it, to fearing what lies ahead as we bucked yiu to the car seat for our first monsoon drive. It has been a big big mad crazy awesome adventure and we have loved every minute of it.

And you know what dear Keya, Ma Baba are convinced that God had kept you for us all this while, no wonder you stay all day with your Daddu Thamma without any fuss as we come to work. For parents who were always sampling new restaurants and eating out, you have been the most amazing companion to our family dinners outside the house. You knew what a cleanliness freak your mother is so you chose to play for hours with just a plane old toy without making the house messy. You knew your Baba has to work long hours at times but you always managed to work your sleep timings so you get to play with him every night.
We have never been the over fussy kinds with you and have let you choose what you like, though it worries Baba that you love staring at yourself in the mirror. We started with very sterile and hygienic set-up for you but the day we found you licking the floor, we knew you are cut for greater things in life. So Daddu Thamma and Ma introduced you to your first Golgappa, Baba got you addicted to Maggi, and your Daddu Dida got your hooked on to aaluu bhaja !! What else can a true Bangali ask for, the baby foodie.

Being born to a set of two book lovers, it does not surprise us as we see you turning pages of the book of vegetables, or start sticking your tongue out and panting when we you see the dog and cat in the animal book and how you start calling out to a dog , gesturing it to come to you. Everytime you do that my wish of getting you a pup gets stronger.We will manage Baba and his reasoning later !

This year was tough for your Baba and me since we had to grow up a lot, no more whimsical late night drives, no more indulgent spending, no more lazy long sleep ins on weekends , no more sitting alone on the couch  and doing nothing. You made sure it was only you and you J and you know what ? we have never been more awed with each other, than today. You Baba and I respect eachother more for the little sacrifices we make to make life more comfortable for you, we love eachother more cuz we created you and you are the only sole intention of our lives, we fight, we argue but your one laugh can melt all our anger. And yes someday when you grow a little older, knowing the pet you are, you sure will side with your Baba. That’s another trick only you father and daughter can play, I did it long back and now I watch you both .

And on your first big day Keya, Baba Ma want you to know that you are the best that ever was. You have been the reason we have smiled and been so happy, you have brought so much peace and calm in our lives. You are a daughter that we look forward to growing up with, we want to hold your hand and walk, push your cycle around, run under the sun and scream in glee when we get wet in the rains. We want to cheer you when you put on your football gear and you Baba will be in the first row of every school performance you have while I will be too busy taking pictures. We will be the parents who will wear shorts and stomp in the mud with you, we will stand by all your choices as long as you be a good human, we will let you get dirty rolling on the ground, scream in the stairway, bang with yur spoon on the table, heal a hurt no matter it’s the little finger or the gentle  heart we will be right with you as long as we breathe. You are our purpose, you are what makes us, Happy Birthday Shreyoshi Mukherjee

And as Dr Seuss says “ Today you are you, that is truer than true..there is no one alive who is youer than you “


hAAthi said...

Oh happpy birthday!!! So quick?!
Big love and many hugs to baby and mamma..

Jenny said...

This is such an endearing and heartfelt post. So much that I now I feel I want to be a parent too. So many little things which we take granted for, changes as soon as the baby arrives. I loved the entire post, but my favorite part was where you described the 15 minutes just after she was born. How pure and innocent that was.

Happy Birthday to you baby doll!!! May god be with here, and she attains the highest success in her life.

Swatee said...

very beautiful post! your daughter would be really touched when she reads it years down the line. :)

M in love said...

Aww the lil pinkshine is about to become a year old :) All my best wishes with her and may god guide her holding her lil finger :)

Tanvi said...

Has it already been a year? WOW! Time flies.

You have written a sweetest post. I am sure she will love to read it when she grows up.

God Bless you all!!!

∞ © ∞

Creativity!! said...

Woww!!! Happy Birthday Baby Girl :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Woww!!! Happy Birthday Baby Girl :) :)

Priyanka Kamath said...

Now Sulagna, I am directly going to let your little one over power your charm and I'm just going to get talking to her now..

Dear Shreyoshi,
You don't know me. And as you grow up and will soon be capable of reading, you will only come across me as timely comments on your pretty mum's posts. But now that you're a year old, I want you to know that you, my dear, are the luckiest child to have been born to your Ma, who is so understanding and who is creating memories for you and making them eternal so you can read it when you are in one of those teenage years when you feel it is all over the place.
You won't know how important it is until you stand there because I certainly wish I had some written notes from my parents while I was busy fitting into cute little bloomers you're currently wearing:)

Happy happy birthday little one:D
You're not just loved by your Ma and Baba but also by me coz I'm already in awe of your smile :)


SG said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Keyaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday toooo youuuuuuu

sandhyaa said...

Keya, how come i dint notice her name before... that's what i wanted to name my baby girl since i was 15ish :D sachcii..Keya is so beautiful..Happy b'day love !
Shreyoshi...may God keep showering happiness and more naughtiness ;)

Patrycja Photography said...

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Mads... said...

Ohh the angel turned one..hw fast time flies..:):) Many many many happy bdayyy to her and Congratulationsss to you...such a lovelyy god am amazed..she wuld surely cherish it for lifetime...amazingly lovely..God bless..loads of love n hugss..:):)

sulagna ™ said...

Jenny Haathi Swati Creativity Tanvi SG Sandhya Patty and my mad babe :) i cant thank you guys enough for always leaving behind such wonderful thoughts. I am so touched by the wishes our daughter receives from people so far away from her !

and Priyanka :) wow...did you just completely sweep me off my feet with those lines...I so will make Keya read all this someday when she thinks that piercing her eyebrows is cool !

Sourish Ghosh said...

Happy birthday Sunshine ..for you have brought out the brightness of your laughter anf lightened more lives than your immediate family you sunshine and may you continue lighting up your ghosh kakus life as I pray to god to get you a cousin sister just like you ....and even before that I pray to god to give me strength to become as loving people as your parents are :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART !!

Shumaila said...

Awww.. I am in tears! You put feelings in words so beautifully Sulagna. I am sharing this with my brother and sis-in-law who are parents of a 8 month old now. It's such a nice first birthday present for your daughter. I think the best there is. these words will be treasured by Keya for years!

Mom with a Dot said...

Aw.....such a cute angel ! God Bless your family :)

Mom with a Dot said...

Aw.....such a cute angel ! God Bless your family :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

God bless your little angel, Sulagna! A lovely dedication on the first birthday of Keya:)

Lady Whispers said...

I read this post a while back but was sooo overwhelmed that couldn't comment:)

My keyyya is the luckiest to have such an awesome mom :D

Happy Dabbby first birthday to her :D

And my pathaka you are super awesome and even your little sunshine :-*

Jack said...


Belated Happy Birthday to Shreyoshi. You took me back by so many years, when our first one, daughter was born. These are the memories which you will cherish all through life. Please give her a hug from my side.

Take care

kankana said...

tumi ki shundor likho.. I always enjoy it :) Give a super tight hugs and load of kisses from this mashi across the sea. I wish her all the happiness and succes in life!

LemonadeGirl said...

Sigh, so adorable!
Looking forward to this life you so beautifully portray in writing over here, some day in my life too! :)

Dew drops said...

magic, magic and more of it :) The love you put in here is bful.Happy bday to the super cute kid.. she will really treasure the memories you are jotting down now :)

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