Thursday, October 11, 2012

I decide to loose it

How many of you love going back to the past and reliving, replaying memories.Think of how things happened, the exact order in which you remember those memories, the color of the walls, the music in the background,he color of his shirt, the sound of him talking over the phone,your gaze following his hands as he sends a text.

The exact moment you made the decision, that this is it.i am sure i want this. I know he will make it happen just the way i want him to. he holds  your chin and makes you look up , runs his fingers through your hair. Once again his perfume hits your nose, makes you remember things and the words come out"Ok cut my hair really short"

Here i sit with really short hair, thats dangling in front of my eyes and i cant tie it up either..all i am left with is memories of the lost locks 


SG said...

That was a surprise. Usually this kind of heading is given only when you want to lose weight. I like it because I did not expect a hair cut.

Mom with a Dot said...

OMG! Girl, I loved the sensual build up LOL!! Yeah, I did that too a few months ago. And he sure did what I wanted him to do ;) !! BTW, I also sent the large chunk of hair to "Locks of Love"

Aparna (Life Takes) said...

You must be looking pretty in your new hairdo

Jenny said...

oh wow! what an introduction :-) Well locks lost also should be treasured, but what we all want is a clip here :-)

nil said...

OH GODDDD. photo, photo, PLEASE!

P.s- LOVED how everything led on to the last line.. :))))

Dew drops said...

well that was subtle ;)

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