Tuesday, July 17, 2012

29 and counting for the Three Oh !!

So people have already started asking me questions about how do I feel about hitting three –oh . and honestly my answer is same as it was 10 years back..super !

I fail to understand why 30 is looked at with such dread and depression, its just another number right ? no ? ok  here me out while I give you my reasons to be super happy about thirty.
When I was 16 I wanted to marry Sherlock Holmes and live in a farmhouse, cook green peas soup for my children and feed my black Labrador. I am pretty close to the cooking of the green peas and the child, however G got luckier than Mr Holmes and  the Labrador is a “to do list” nominee though

At 14 I knew I wanted to be a neurosurgeon because this was one word that sounded as cool as astronaut. I had no clue this dealt with any form of chemistry or biology so I am very happy today with my Masters in business studies.

I  have never been the kinds who was ruled by her age, never. I asked my father about a contaception when I was 9 years old(i read or saw some ad i guess ), I was found reading Sidney Sheldon at 11, I was contemplating to run from my house at 16, I was wearing shorts and slippers to the local market at 16, while my friends would be preening in their finery, I roamed with one unplucked eyebrow when I was 17 since it was too painful, waxing was an alien concept till 3 days before my marriage and till date I like blowing bubbles inside my Pepsi bottle with a straw when we go out to eat.

When I look at my childhood pictures, I don’t know whether I should blame the camera, or the lights in the picture, but yes I was a very abnormal looking child, add to it short hair, a toy gun on my shoulder and roaming inside the drains of the neighborhood. 

30 years later, some facials later, a nicer self made wardrobe later, I love what I see when I look into the mirror. No crows feet, but lots of laughter lines, no extra tyres but lots of memories of the beautiful meals I have had as a family, no split ends but a healthy head full of happy and postive thoughts, not XL size clothes but knowing that this body has way too much awesomeness to be determined by size zero or 2.

Being a woman is a blessing and i never have i wondered why me. its about recognizing what you want today, accepting you are here and make the most of it..about being a woman..embracing this with my soul. Getting here has taught me that its not about the way one looks or appears, it how you think of yourself to be. Stand up for your believes, and if the world laughs at your dreams, pity them.But dont stop dreaming. Its about believing in Him that He has plans for you..it will all be perfect 5 years from now,just dont loose faith.

Being thirty is the greatest reminder for me to be thankful to God for what I have achieved and what I have been blessed with. I have been blessed with the most loving family I could ask for but I have achieved to keep a family together, I have been blessed with a beautiful face and mind but I have achieved a happy lifestyle that does not let alchohol or junk food abuse it. I have been blessed with a thoughtfull educated family but I have strived hard to earn my degree. God has been kind enough to give me some really crazy fun loving friends, but I have got over my ego and false pride to nurture friendship. And lastly I know God had kept G safely tucked away for me for so many years but the minute I saw him, I knew this is the reason I never walked on a beach, I was meant to take my first walk on the beach holding his hand. I did ! and today with our little baby…I will miss my Vodka shots though !

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-UhKKJb3vMcc/UATyYuKVkPI/AAAAAAAACEU/LnzqGGawHeY/s320/New+Image.JPGAnd as far as survival is concerned outside my home I have pretty much managed to fight it out .I love being with people I love and dont let the other kinds bother me .I can ride a cycle, I ride a bike to work and pretty much anywhere if there is a road. Some of my most crazy memories with Elic Chen is riding my bike in high heels, under torrential rain, ona  dark stretch of a mud road !! I can change fuse bulbs, cook the perefect bologaines Pasta, clear a jammed drain, make a decently effective home made face pack,speak in four languages fluently,red a book all by meslf in a remote corner of the beach and feel abslutely sexy about it, sit alone and sip a coffee confidently in a Delli without feeling conscious, take my own pictures  from my phone , without being conscious of the people around, don’t think twice to break into a dance if the music is good and if my daughter laughs her 6 teeth out,make love to the same man for the rest of my life and feel as good as the first time,accept that men and umbilical chords are a universal pain and have to be dealt with,understand and accept that my parents are the only people who can love me like they do, pretend to be absolutely euphoric even if I am a mess inside, wear high heels and walk for 2 hours gracefully,  take compliments gracefully and flirt intelligently .

What can I say…30 is what you make of it ! so go ahead, live  life with  atleast 3 big secrets that you take to your grave, boast of that one time you got so drunk you have no clue what happened, make it a habbit to slow down your car when you see an delderly person or kid try to cross the road, learn to wait in queque, look and feel gorgeous in a saree and in a pair of old shorts ,send your mom the brightest red roses on her birthday, kiss the man and make up no matter how bad the fight is but never agree to what you don’t believe in, save enough money to buy that perfect leather bag and black heels, keep a black lace set in handy for weekends after the drinks, send out that message to your best friend right now and tell her/him that he is a totally the best,keep a set of clothes ready to pack and leave on a sudden vacation, the perfect mug for the mornng cuppa, have atleast one past admirer who still is one, get up on the table and dance, smile everytime you drop the toilet roll on the wet bathroom floor, question authority if it seems unfair, dont worry about the few notes in your wallet, count your blessings

It is just a number, you will rock it allways ..i know I will !

Happy 30 Sulagna 


SG said...

Happy Birthday to you Sulagna. Age is only a number. In this post, I came to know, I think, a few things about your past. At 16, wearing shorts and slippers! That is cool. I love it.

I know you are a vodka person. Please visit the SF Bay Area soon. Cannot afford Diva Vodka yet (did not say never) (Price $1,060,000 a bottle). Can afford Stolichnaya Premium Vodka. Come on down to San Francisco Bay Area soon and celebrate your birthday in style.

Anonymous said...

To each his own I know and I might as well mind my own business and not come to your blog, but dude srsly! You need to come down a bit. Modesty doesnt come to you naturally darling, and you don't make any bones about it either. To add to that you have an adorable kid, but seriously..you could get some air off that pretty head of yours. It sucks big time!

Ash said...

the 30's are the best ! ask me. i know :))

Do stop by my blog sometime :)

sulagna ™ said...

yes please go on..i am taking notes very seriously on what you have to say..you really do matter in my life ?? right ??

and oh thank you so much for the wishes..it just adds to my absolute fabulousness..

is'nt life always so easy being anonymous ..

sulagna ™ said...

SG and Ash thank you so much...like i just said.life is all about making merry while the sun shines :)

lets not mind a few rotten lemons here n there :)

neha said...

wish you a very happy 30! Wish you love laughter and lots and loads of love :P!!
BTW this post of yours just came in a nick of time for me and really after reading this i am feeling good. It's kinda a self help post for me :) thanks for sharing !!

Jenny said...

Happy Happy birthday to a fellow cancerian :-) :-)

wow and what a total out and out postitive post. So many reasons to celebrate this day. Actually bhai birthday hain, age ko leke dukhi kyun ho bhai. Age is just a number. Period :-)

Also, I particulary enjoyed this sentence:
'not XL size clothes but knowing that this body has way too much awesomeness to be determined by size zero or 2.'

Excellent new way to look at things. Atleaset I never saw it this way :-)

Jack said...


Happy Birthday in advance. They say - Women get flirty at 3 O 30. LOL. On serious note, one is as old as one thinks. Live life as per own conscience and that will take care of everything.

Take care

nil said...

I'm linking this post to my next update post, THAT's HOW AMAZING this was to read! I do not know HOW you manage to point out the petty, common things of life we pretty much forget in seconds.. MAN, this made me look forward to getting beyond 18!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this hell of a terrific lady. I love you so much, and may you never ever EVER change. EVER.
-Chotu from Delhi. :)

Prateek Sur said...

Happy Birthday to u...And i being 8 years ahead your time can just say one thing that age is just a number...I am 22 and someday I will be 30 as well and hopefully take the merriment in the same stride as you....Cheers!!

deeps said...

yes.. Happy 30...
stay happy n blessed and you seem to know how to stay so :)

Shumaila said...

Happy Birthday! And really well put ( I have no idea what anonymous read that makes you sound high and mighty *confused look on my face, scratching my head and thinking did I not read this post correctly*).

Love, love this line:
knowing that this body has way too much awesomeness to be determined by size zero or 2.

Mom with a Dot said...

Wishing you a very happy three O !! Keep up your 'spirits' as always and enjoy every moment as you do :) You come across as a person with clarity in thought and confidence in action - Stay that way and you'll never want for anything. Happy B'Day once again.

Ishita Priyadarshini said...

Sulu, this is your best yet :) here's to the next 30, hottie!

Tanvi said...

6 months into my 30's and I can say they have been the best months yet! :)

Wish you loads and loads of love and happiness. I am sure you had a fantastic day.

∞ © tanvii.com ∞

Sumi Mathai said...

God! woman, where do you get this positivity from?!! i would be damn well of if i had quarter of it.
and yes, happy birthday to you. stay happy. stay crazy. stay wonderful.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Happy turning 30 to you :)
Reading about your earlier days, it's like the way I am now!
I love blowing bubbles with a straw while drinking pepsi :P

Suruchi said...

Wow, you sure do rock Su. And when you spell out all the things you do and how well you do them-I look at you with a whole lot of admiration and a twinge of envy. Wish I was half as good n organized as you are :-)

With an attitude like yours-age surely is a number and you have really just begun...wishing you the loveliest of journeys gliding through the thirties and beyond with smooth sails :-)

Loads of love n hugs

Lady Whispers said...

I am so glad to see u blogging more :D hope I can blog more now on :D And 30's or 20's or even 50's you will forever rock my Patakha :-* So bottoms up to it :D

And I love you hell too much :D

Rahul Bhatia said...

This was such a lovable post and if you have the same outlook towards life, 30 years later you will not feel very different from what you feel now. Age is just a number the rest is in the heart and mind:)Happy counting 3......

Haddock said...

It is all in the mind I suppose.
Like they say, you are as old as you think you are.

Dew drops said...

Awed!! what a wonderful way to project what you call "age"..reading your posts after an year still makes me feel the same i felt i read last time,superb,amazing and wonderful.. You do magic..:)

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