Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now that I am a Ma...

Now that i am a Ma

I wake up with a smile everyday seeing the miracle G and I have created
I dont have a fight with G which lasts more than a day because we coo over our babe together
I dont have long well manicured nails because babe loves to hold my fingers
I cut my hair short so i can quickly tie a knot and pick up the babe
I am mostly seen around the house in a pyjama and a burp cloth over my shoulder
I smell of baby burp and milk and i love it
I buy clothes without sequins and buttons because babe has to rest her head on my shoulders
I carry my world in her diaper bag which is just the fone , my wallet and keys
I cant stop marveling pretty strollers and cars have taken a back seat
I worry about furniture having sharp edges
I dont have books and lip balm by my bedside but feeding bottles and rattles
I am more aware of the latest baby cologne and not the perfume of the season
I talk of brands like Johnson and Avent and have forgotten Esbeda and LV
I am worried about the bright lights in the room and put on the dim ones so babe can sleep
I feel on top of the world after getting a 4 hour long sleep at night
I find myself smiling with eyes closed to a talkative babe at 3 AM
I have calenders marked with dates for immunization instead of "parlour and spa visits"
I rush to the infant section of clothes in a mall
I cry everytime babe gets a vaccine and feel helpless at not being able to take her pain
I am proud when i see babe sleep on her own in her stroller like a well behaved lady
I feel helpless seeing my babe cry and scream with colic
I lough out loud at her rocket farts and the expression of contentment on her face after
I love G even more than i could ever for being the best father my daughter could ever have
I wait for G so we can spend out family time on the couch
I sit for hours with an aching back while babe snoozes on my shoulder
I surprisingly dont frown over a soiled diaper and rush for a quick clean one
I have a bajjillion pictures of babe on my cell phone
I have status message all about babe and her toothless smile and non stop chatter
I am amazed at the miracle my body has created and God has gifted us
I  marvel at that tiny little body and such a big blessing
I feel the joy , the blessing, the pride, the pain, the heartache, the wonderment and the satisfaction of being a Ma
I feel blessed !


Sunakshi said...

This one made me go like awww :)

Babe would be proud of you when she'll read this someday. <3

We miss you here on blog. :)

Scribbling Gal said...

You are the bestest new mom I have ever seen :)

Recently loads of my friends and sis in law had babies but noone found so much happiness even in irksome things....Keeya is super super lucky to have you :)

And I love this made me gooo awwwwwwwwwww :)....I am proud I know a gorgeous lady like you :)

Your daughter is super super lucky :)

Love you both loads :)

And keep blogging often :) <3

sulagna ™ said...

Sunakshi sweety thank you soo much
Nabu :) i love you

Pink Scarf said...


I have forgot how I lead my life before Saud came into my life.. It's all about him now..

Shreyoshi is blessed too :) lots of love to her and you.. Take care Sista!

Richa said...

oh this was such a wonderful post!!

love reading your 'new-mommy' tales.. :)

sulagna ™ said...

Nachuuuuu :) give my handsome dude a big wet kiss from my end please and may God keep him safe n happy always

sulagna ™ said...

heyii Richa :) thanks a tonne sweety...need to visit your blog lazy log i have been

Nikita said...

I loved it all !! <3:)

Shreyoshi truly is very lucky to have the best maa and paa...

god blesss

Anonymous said...

Dude this made a non-baby person like me also go awww.. I think it really must be as wonderful as everyone makes it out to be no?

nil said...

I have abandoned every post-boards pilgrimage and am set on just one destination after march!!!! we all know what that is.. BLESS you all. I love you guys so so so much :")

Red Handed said...

I soo crave to be a mom now :P

Miss Sheikh Chilli said...


Makes me wonder what kind of mom would I make

Suruchi said...

like i always say-there are moms that crib and then there is A MOM-you are that and more:-)

and so wonderfully blissful that it makes us wanna be adopted by you:-)

loads of love n hugs always!
you are the best mommy there is!

Comfy said...

I was going awww at every point and then I got to the end, took one look at the little sweetheart and forgot everything. she is just adorable. Just look at her! God bless you cutey pie.

Maya said...


Rohit Dassani said...

Oh my God.... time just runs so fast..... it feels like days when everything began and now u have a new life.... congratulations!!

Sovina said...

hey.So good to see you are back..I might have already said this...but congratulations on this new chapter in life..I am sure it is an extremely rewarding experience to see your child grow a little bit each day :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Being a parent is such lovely feeling but more importantly its how you have taken up the super tough job with such ease which is remarkable

Rahul Bhatia said...

I am sure you must be feeling on top of the world! Children are such a bundle of joy..Best wishes to you!

Phoenix said...

aaah the bliss motherhood brings!! M very happy for you!! :)

KayEm said...

Lovely post, lovely baby, lovely mum. Wish you loads of joy.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Fuck! This made me cry. You are in heaven, truly. I could not be happier to see you this happy and content in life.

Sulagna, you are my inspiration. You make me believe in life and love, every time.


Seema said...

Such a wonderful post.Your daughter is really lucky and will be proud of you one day.....Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments with us....all the best and God bless your little Angel.

Sujatha Sathya said...

came thru indiblogger

loved this post. every line is so true & lovingly written
my daughter is 5 now & your post touched my heart

sulagna ™ said...

hi Sujatha, firstly i must tell you i must have beena fool to have missed out indiblogger for so long :) well now that i know there are such wonderful bloggers like you, i am sooo going to be regular on it !!

Bindu Juneja said...

Feelings very nicely presented and would touch every mother.

Have left these times a little behind, my kids at 10 and 4 but still felt very good reading it.

Your baby seems to be small, so shall I see welcome to motherhood!

(Stray visitor from indiblogger)

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