Monday, November 16, 2009

Anniversary and Awards

h how i missed witting and reading on the blog..been a week almost that i have not written anything and some amazing people have even e-mailed me and asked me my whereabouts..and believe me its a wonderful feeling to know that there are people out there to read your ramblings!! thanks Thousif :)

And now for so mant things that have been happening!!

1.i want to thank everyone for reading my blogs,adding to my treasure of comments and helping me smile wider.

2.Rohit and Sunakshi thanku big big time for the "awesome blogger award" i shall be posting everything here..right now anniversarry was extr
a special.i guess thats because i had soooo many of you wishing me..and even if they are late they are working magic cuz G would be travelling to Shanghai for a project which he wanted to ne in desperately..thank you on his behalf too.

4.i am putting up a picture o
f my anniversary.all complete with the saree and tattoo..

5.Life has been kind of racing past me becaus eof work in office,
which is again super nice

6.we are in the process of moving to a new house so chanig minds over curtains costing more than 7K for one room :(

7. also busy shopping for
the upcoming Goa trip..all suggestions welcome fro "places must visit" since you guys should advise people like me,visiting goa for the first time.

8. I have been trying to get into the dieting phase but all those cupcake recipes on Tv dont help

9.Pune is facing "november rains" and i am absolutely loving this weather because my garden is blooming,i love cuddling into the bed early and i ahve a genuine excuse for being late at work"traffic bohut tha"(
there was a lot of of traff

10.i have noticed a few steaks of grey hair on my head :( but nothign has stopped em from wearing torn jeans and bright pink Crocs.

and now rohit and sunaksh
i,since you guys have again made me bloat with happiness about the award, i am absolutely smiling to know i have two such wonderful friends here..rohit who is still apprehensive about the tattoo,after my scary description
Sunakshi,because of the way she
laces her poetry with feelings,which somehow remind ome of my life before it was all roses and honey
here is thanking you so much for it and passing it on tooo

Now the next ap
rt of the award says that i need to write 7 thing
s that my readers dont know about i thought lets make it a mixed bag which make you say "awwww" and "eeoo

1. I love dipping y biscuits in warm tea and bite into them when they are
moist and soggy.
2.I try to keep one day a
week for eating only vegetarian food,but more
often that not i am tempted to sin.
3.i have spent 3/4th of my life taking a shower since i love taking showers and baths so much
4.i sometimes forget to brush my the morning. (and then pop 3 chewing gums )
5.i talk in my sleep and love talking to myself in the mirror..even though i am perfectly sane
6.i am a narcissist
7.I am addicted to Facebook,Orkut and Blogspot ..
and now(drumrolll) my award :) :) yipee yipee

pictures of our amazing anniversary celebration :) *blush blush*


Rohit Dassani said...

Pii Pii Pippiiii..... Happy Belated Anniversary.... Hope U had a blast!!
Sulagna I have completly taken off the thoughts of having a tattoo...thankz to you!!! :-P

J said...

The tattoo sure looks neat ;)

All the best for the trip and the change of homes.

sulagna chatterjee said...

rohit~ aree dude yeh kya kar dia??? no tattoo plans!! acha koi nahi wen u decide on one we will talk through it

J~hows everythign going?? waiting to hear soemthing new on your blog(read i meant) and thankuuu...Goa beckons with all its waves n intoxication ;p

chocolate lover said...

well you were awarded by me too.. you didn't check it :(

Thousif Raza said...

wow congrats sorry for the lat reaply, was busy with coll, coool photos too, and thank you so very much for the award really honourned to have it, thank u thank you thank you :0

take care and keep writing...........

mohit said...

Sry I haven't been regular...but u guys look amazing :D

Sorcerer said...

cool tattoo!!

Sorcerer said...

cool tattoo!!

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