Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Baba

when i was a day old,his hands were the safest place for me to be in

as i grew older i learnt about holding his hands and trying to walk
reaching up to hold on to his finger ,as i tilted on one side and walked
i remember sunday morning vistits to the bazaar
watching him talk to the vegetable sellers and the many he met
he would then perch me on his lap as he sat with his friends over tea and i nibbled at my gulab jaamun
and everytime he would turn around and ask "aarekta chaai" (do you want another one? and i nodded happily
on the way back,he would hand me the lightest bag to carry,the one with the loaf of bread
every morning his voice would ask me"joldi koro" hurry hurry up as i would laze around getting ready for school
as he drove out to work he would wait till my rickshaw walla would come to pick me up for school
and he never forgot to say"thik kore jeo"go safely
infact he says that to me even now whenever i am travelling
every evening i could hear the sound of the scooter and tell ma"baba esceche"(baba is home)in
an excited chant
as he pulled out a brown bag filled with the addictive evening fried snacks
the 20 minutes that baba would chat with ma over tea and snacks was my time to listen to them talk about office and work
i guess that was my first learning lesson on sharing lives,somethign which G and I do every night
he was the first one to teach me how to cross the road,always telling "be carefull and look on both the sides before crossing"
at 27 i do this everytime i cross a busy road or crossroads in life
For him his little daughter grew overnight when one fine day i asked for "pocket money"
and thats when i learnt the value of money and about spending carefully
as he taught me how to ride my bike he always said"bhoye paabe na" (never be afraid)
i fell once and bruised my knees and he asked em to wash it off myself with dettol
As i cried that night in bed about nursing my own wounds,i got stronger to heal deeper cuts in life
and the next day as i got ready to go bike riding again he just said"let the wound heal first,i will teach you again"
Very soon i was out of home and studying far away from home
as i pretended to be brave and not cry i could hear his voice shaky as he told me again"shabhdhane theko"be safe"
i crossed roads on my own,i broke my heart and nursed it alone,i walked alone on streets without fear and i learnt to not fear anything
then one fine day i called him and said"baba aami MBA degree pe gechi"(dad i got my MBA degree)
and i could hear his voice choking with happiness pride and some tears
i started working and kept telling him how it sucked to which all he said was"shob jagey emni,herey gele hobena"(its the same everywhere,running away wont change anything )
And today on his 58th birthday i wish something not for him..but me..thats i want him all my life for the next to come

Happy Birthday Baba


chocolate lover said...

hi di,
thats really sweet..happy b'day to your baba :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

thanks babe :) will pass on all the good wishes to him :)

thank you for being so adorably cute

aritra the daydreamer said...

my best wishes to your dad....
Khub touching likhecho...By the way i am sitting for my first campus placement on thursday..please pray for me...I know i dont stand a chance but still hope keeps human going...

Simply Manasi said...

Wishing your Baba a very Happy Birthday and for you I have just one wish - that may you have his hand on your head, his presence by your side, his love in your heart always and forever. You are a wonderful daughter and am sure your Baba is proud of her beautiful child :-)


AB said...

A belated happy birthday to beloved dad of yours:)

Touched by the post. Hugs.

sulagna said...

aritra~ thank you so much :)

Manasi~ :) :) :)

AB~thank you thank you

Sorcerer said...

that was sweet post!!

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