Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Arranged Marriage :Part Three

The last two posts were about how we met and what happened when we met..today i thought of rounding off our story with our marriage and the tiny three month courtship we had.

When a girl knows she is all set to marry this guy,there are lot of things that happen like,

Relationship status is changed immidiately on Orkut and FB
Chat with friend on Gtalk have the link to the guy's profile
the guy's number is saved with a special name
identifying the caller,a special ringtone is set
words like "awww:)" "hehehe" and "yaaa i know" become the most important parts of Gtalk
sudden attention is paid to the caller tune she has set on her phone and it moves away from hip-hop
the girls parents no longer bother her when is found on the phone talking to him at 2 in the night
she starts smiling to herself when she hears some songs
she likes writting down her name with her new married surname :D
she smiles before dozing off

When a guy knows he is all set to marry this girl there are few changes

Friends are scrapped saying"Feb mein kya kar raha hai,i am tying the knot"(what you doing in February)
some friends are warned "sambhalke post likhna"(be carefull abt what you post on my wall dude)
he plans a quick visit on-site for a month to earn some extra cash and manage a longer leave for the wedding
he pays the building watchman extra money to come and clean up the house before he leaves for the wedding
he removes all traces of ashtrays and liqour bottles from his house,the social networking profile and conversations with buddies
he makes a mental reminder "need to call her after work"

So this and a lot more happened over the three months that intervened before the first time we met and the day we got married,an exact three months of which a month and a half was spent in Germany. Laughing at the sad office food,while chatting and telling him what is PDA(public display of affection). Somewhere in between speaking to his mother about your shoe size and ring size,while my parent worry about his suit lengths and gifts for the relatives. I found myself pointing at unknown boys in malls and telling the guy across the counter in Vna Huesen,Fossil and Jockey "us ladke k size ka " (i want something of that guy's size) yess i know how embarrassing it can all be.

And amid all this i went to work,spoke to him for 15 minutes in the middle of work,sent maisl to colleagues inviting them for the wedding,manages to maintain my calm as i got a "i love you" text from him while dinning with my aunts n uncles,i also survived 5 hours of sleep since the hours we were home were spent on the phone.

the internet becomes your lifeline,as you google everything out from"best contraceptives" to honeymoon places" to words he uses on his blog,previously unheard of..

And then finally 9 hours away from the wedding i get a message on my cell.."you are the best thing that has ever happened to me"

And everything else is put to rest..today its exactly 2 years since we first met and all the 15 minutes converstaion happened..

And if there is one name that has touched my soul,and brings a smile on my face every time,i have it inked on me :)

Happy Anniversary baby


asad said...

wonderful n congrats...god bless.

elli said...

congrats baby...:)...love the art ;p

sulagna chatterjee said...

asad :)tu mera blog padta hai :) dekh k dil daisy daisy ho gaya

chinki ..thanks man..i wud nt have pulled it if it had not been for your sadistic acts ;)

DayDreamer said...

A very Happy Anniversary!!


Well written post!!

chocolate lover said...

congratulations :))

Thousif Raza said...

that was just as sweet, am o man aren't your guy lucky haan very cute very sweet, happy anniversary from my side too :)
may u 2 be always smiling and always happy :)

and hey i updated the blog, hope to c ya there soon :)

take care and keep writing.......

Rachael said...

What a wonderful story, Congrats!

mohit said...

wow.... love the way you love to write :D

n the tattoo looks nice ...he had better given u a prty amazing gift this anniv ;)

mohit said...

n a (belated ?) happy anniversary to both of u :D

Jack said...


Nice posts. Can be made into a love with touch of humour movie with Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena in the lead. Posted last part of my post too today. What date in Feb? Congratulations on anniversary of first meeting. May you two always have all the fun in life.

Take care

Sunakshi said...

Congo!finally you got what ya wanted..cool tattoo *wink*

happy anniversary btw,may god shower best of everything upon both of you :)

Rohit Dassani said...

Wow..... ahhaa....hehehehe.... Lovely post... u know why!! hahaha!!

Rohit Dassani said...

Sulagna... need to talk to you ASAP... yes you also have a tattoo.... i just saw it....anyways.... does it hurt? How much??

DayDreamer said...

Hey Sulagna..

Hope you are doing fine..

Your posts have something that always remind me of my roots and are awesome..So here is an award from me to you and your blog

Please go and collect your award from my blog!!



aritra the daydreamer said...

Happy anniversary again!!i cant stop from wishing in benagali "subho bibaha barsiki"
Well the tatto is also good.

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time...liked your stuff

Pink all around

Rohit Dassani said...

hey i havent decided the tattoo yet.... but i guess it will be on the biceps...... ur freaking me out...? Plzz say it doesnt hurt!!

chocolate lover said...

sulagna di
you won an award :)

Suree said...

wow.. loved the series arranged marriage.

Happy Anniversary

Rohit Dassani said...

I am not having the tattooooo!! This decision is final!!

J said...

Belated happy anniversary.. now that's some tattoo. Etched in ink ;)

Wishing you two the best.

Sunakshi said...

You've been awarded =)

rimz said...

1st tym..wil try to cover d earlier parts..
very nice piece, liked it very much..

a very happy anniversary to u (belated though) n ya many many happy returns of the day.
tk cre..:)

*Shreya* said...

this is CUTE. shows that yea, arranged marriages ARE fun :)

navjeet said...

very nicely done sullu. great prose interspersed with lovely bits of courtship cupidity, something that all can relate to. so i confess..i am hooked n shall be lookin forward to reading more of your posts.

Anonymous said...

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Haddock said...

When a girl knows she is all set to marry ...........
is closer to the home truth.

Dew drops said...

wow yaar..sil khush ho gaya sach...i dont have words...Wish u loads of love n life...Feel like meeting u smtime after reading such great pieces...V well expressed !!

Anonymous said...

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