Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my arranged marriage:part 1

The reason behind my wish of getting tattoed.....

..this November 10th we will complete two years of being together..exactly two years back,when people outside were bursting crackers,i was turning red in front of G and his parents as they had come to "see" me. The purpose of the meeting was to let the boy and girl meet each other,talk and decide if they would like to take things ahead.

although it was two years back everything is so clear in my memory...i had strictly warned my parents that i would not be marrying a guy with a moustache and as i peeped out and saw G coming out of the car with his parents.
Observation1 :he had a moustache

As they came in i preferd sitting in my bedroom listening,to them talking.i could hear his father talking about politics, cricket and fresh water fish?? i had told my parenst i will not marry a guy whose parents do the talking for him
Observation2: he was quite since all i heard was our parents talking

somewhere in between as i was trying to eavesdrop into the conversation,i could hear my mother say"sulagna used to play cricket in her school,she has played in day-n-night matches" i had also warned my parents to make sure the guy is not much into cricket and politics
Observation3: He spent his sunday mornings in the nearby cricket ground with his friends

I was yeat to hear the guys voice,when suddenly ma called me outside"mishtu baare esho"(mishtu,come outside) so with my eyes looking down and cheeks turning red i managed to sit in the drawing room. I had told my parenst that i do not want to settle abroad once i am married
Observation4: His father said,Gopal(G) will be staying in Germany next year onwards for work

Lightening was yet to strike me,when my mother said"why dont you both go out for a walk" much to my surprise G got up ,and stepped out of the door,making it a reciprocative action. As i walked down the stairs with him behind me..so many questions?
Oh my God he will settle outside India
good he dint stare at my "assets" when i entered..sober guy!!
Oh my God,he is too much into sports
shittt he does not talk at all,while i cant stop talking
does he drink n smoke???his lips looked dark..oh wait he might just like clubbing like me..what if he does not
ohh do i have to stay with his parents?
oh shit is my A** looking fine in this salwaar kameez..

"how do you travel to work?' that was his first question..and time went on..conversations ended,people exchanged greetings and looks:)
it took me 15 minutes to decide this is the man i want to marry....

So now my question to you..what should i tattoo..his name?or the date?or "yours forever" or any brain sparks from you guys????


mohit said...

hey, not fair... u made me curious with all those "observations"...and ended without any details about the convo !
lol...anyway, cute story ...

about the tattoo...i'd say choose something out of that 15 minute convo...anything that wudve made helped you decide ..
there are other options as well...but ure probably not the moustache-tattood-on-me type ;)

sulagna chatterjee said...

hhhmmm...actually ya:)it was that conversation that made me decide :) lemme recall and find something..perhaps very soon i shall be filling you in with the "remainig 15 minute conversation" that went in making me Mrs.Mukherjee

chocolate lover said...

sweet :)
I guess you should tattoo something in bangali.. or his name

Sunakshi said...

ooh thats really very sweet post! :)

u're planning to have a tattoo,cool.all da very best fr tht ;)

sorry,i can't contribute any idea to tattoo design,m clueless :)

Rachael said...

What a great start to the story... glad to see "Part 1" at the top I expect more later haha! Sulagna, not sure why "following" me isn't working. Try going to your dashboard and going to add then paste this www.mrs-adventure.blogspot.com maybe it will work that way! Thanks for the add and all the great comments! I look forward to part 2 of the story!

Being Pramoda... said...

hi sulagna,

i often think abt the arranged marriage and fear of the circumstances..somehow i feel in that way..:(...

ur expriences made me think diferently today..Thanks fr those..i njoyed the read..

ummm..may be u can tatttoo LOVE.. heheh..

Have a happy life together...:)

DayDreamer said...

Great story..

So articulately framed..

Paints the complete picture in front of you..

Being aguy am just thinking would he be thinking all d time..

Neways must commend you for your great writing skills..

Do visit my blog and follow it if you like it..

Looking forward to more wonderful posts and pics..


Jack said...


You took me back to time when our daughter's wedding was settled. That is a long story and had reaffirmed my thought that some things are pre-destined. When is your WA? If you take my advice, there is no need of tattoo. You both should be clear in your thinking that you are for each other forever. May God bless you both.

Take care

Prema said...

Hey there...
Got to Know of your post from my friend and was curious to read it.
yeah....arranged marraiges..!! to share with you...Im getting into one soon. and I completely relate and reel your experience...
Lovely post!!

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