Saturday, October 31, 2009

award shaward iv

This weekend has been busy attending award shawards!! my outfits will be up soon,the ones i wore for the ceremonies,also the guest list and the boutique cuisine i had arranged from Bali's most respected resort. Though i had asked for no paparrazi,there might be a few leaks in the know how they lech at you 24/7

Thank you sunakshi :) :) you serriously will be getting tonnes of blessings from em this weekend

again my ceremonial thank you speech for my parents

a gene pool of good gramamar

a husband with a similar taste for books,considering how we devour them

a loyal band of friends on the blogosphere

Reliance Braodband for such an amazing connectivity

MSEB(maharstra state electricity board) for their uninterrupted electricity supply

Sashi Bhabi for keeping her children from screaming all day inspite of the holidays

Vandana,my maid who reduces my work load

Maggi for helping e, whip up quick dinners so i can write more

and of course God who has given me a good memory to write things down that hit a chord,strike a bell and ring a note inside me :)


chocolate lover said...

congratulations again lol.. cute speech ;)

Jack said...


Read both the Tags and 6 posts. Now I know reason of your being well balanced. Nicely done Tags and thanks for passing them onto me. I will try to take these up asap. Had a good laugh on your description of uniform and neighbouring school. Write up on IG was refreshing memories. There are a lot of things which went behind the scenes at that time. And thanks a lot for the AWARD. It is show of your affection for which I feel so honoured. May you keep getting more and more awards.

Take care

PS : Posted Part II today.

Being Pramoda... said...

hi sulagna,

congratulations my frnd..:)

i loved the way u have shown ur tribute to one of the grt leaders of our country..Indira gandhi...confidant woman she had been..:)

Thank youu so much ..:)

Rachael said...

I am a wee bit jealous you have a maid! PS I posted photos of our halloween party on my blog as you requested!

Rachael said...

PS: don't forget to add yourself as a follower... so you get the updates!

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