Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creating History :) 3 days to go

Hi Guys..been few days since i have written..actually just 2 days :) but then i accept i am addicted..

just a small note to let everyone know,that the part two of my arranged marriage is due on Sunday,along with the update on my tattoo:)

lots of suggestions from everyone and some have even advised me to stay away from pain...but a girl has to do what she has to do :) create history !!

I kind of like this place..on the ring finger,one small tattooo!!! lest see what i decide on for Sunday !!!


DayDreamer said...

Looking forward to update on Tattoo and Part 2 of Arranged Marriage..


Thousif Raza said...

hey i read your blog and its beautiful, such vivid emotions really cool, good luck on the tattoo thing blog rolling you..... do visit mine k :)

take care and keep writing.......

chocolate lover said...

hey all the best di :)
and lol my 16th birthday is on sunday

Sunakshi said...

Hey,all the vei best haan,do upload the picha as well. :)

bogudan said...

cool, very nice pic

aritra the daydreamer said...

wow!!!!a tattoo it sounds so cool.But i didnt get any brainwave about it.looking forward to see a glimse of it.pls upload a pic.r ami boltei bhule gechi amr "arrange marriage" part -1 ta khub bhalo legeche.waiting for the second part...

sulagna chatterjee said...

daydreamer~ thank you so much for the comment..the part two is up n running!!
Thousif~ firstly girl,you have a beautiful name and yes i did visit your blog n rolled in the dice

chocolate lover~ your birthday gift shall be a surprise

Sunakshi~ pray for em girl..i am in for some major pain session

Bogudan ~ thanks a lot for dropping by from across the globe :)

Aritra~ part two eshe geche..pore bolish kerom laaglo

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