Friday, November 6, 2009

My Arranged Marriage :Part two

My first conversation with G was for 15 minutes within which i had to decide yes or no....since i am sharing this with all my friends i guess its best to be honest..there were so many questions and "comments " in my head

Does this guy smoke n drink? its okie man..i am used to staying with my rommies who stacked breezer during summer and rum during winter
I hope he is not a geek being a typical IT guy that he is ? i guess tahst ok,cuz he seems to be a nice guy

ohh i like his fingers..they are nimble(i had checked out his feet at home when he had taken off his shoes and come inside,very clean feet :) ) at least he is clean and hygenic

i had seen his Orkut profile and i know he has a car,silver one..but i just hope its not an Indica..please it looks like a cab

"What do you on weekends?" i was asked
i looked up at his face and tried looking into his eyes!! Oh Sulagna Chatterjee was conquered right then..those eyes are so honest,simple and earnest,matched with those specktacles he wore :)) awww cute

"i am with mom n dad here since i dont have many friends in mumbai,but sometime s i travel to Pune cuz my friends are still there"

I hope he understands that when i say i "go to meet my friends" it means i party with them all weekend

He has one sister who stays in the US..hhhmmmm so it means he has had a strong influence of women in his life,considering his father was always travelling

Should i tell him abt my past now or later?? who cares it can wait ,past is not important

"Do you plan to stay in India?"

He answers" yes i have been in Germany for a long time so i can settle in India now . I dont want to leave my parenst alone here at this age.

ohh does that mean his parents will stayw ith su now?? i am ok if they come and stay with su once we have kids n all..but abhi toh(right now) i would want to roam in the house in my tiny shorts and try out things ;) ;)

"What will you have"
And i found myself blurting out "freshlime soda

WTF i dont even liek it but i had already said no changign your mind

"actually i want a sweet fresh lime soda" i clarified

I waited and watched a he spoke to the waiter..ohh he is a polite guy :) spoek so sweetly to the waiter..nice

Somewhere in between our sodas, we spoke about the books we read,the music we like,the places in pune which he must visit and how i loather travelling in Mumbai locals.

In 15 minutes or so i saw dad walking into the resturaunt "hoeche??" (are you done ?)

He dint hear my father and was surprised to se eme nodding and saying "aashchi"(i am leaving)

As we walked back to our house(the resturaunt we met in was just 5 minutes from our house) our parenst were talkign about how nice the New Mumbai planning is,the roads etc while i could hear my mom telling his about the Iskon temple she visits every sunday.I was ticking my mental checklist
  • He dint stare at my Boobies
  • he dint use abusives in the middle of his sentenc
  • he paid the bill
  • he listend to what i was saying
  • he seems to eb found of good clothes
  • he smelt well
  • he was wearing only one ring on his fingers,no overload of accessories
  • he dint flaunt his German experience or the "round the world been there done that" talk

As they got intot he car to leave, he touched my parents feet(sulagna chatterjee was week kneed by now) and i took a clue and did the same.

As they drove out i remember telling myself"God i want to marry this guy..please"


bogudan said...

nice story... I read it till the end cause I really wanted to see if you like the guy...
good luck :))

P.S. I use a canon eos 450 with 50mm lens, not much but it's ok

aritra the daydreamer said...

Ohhhh!!!Really nice...And ya picked up some tips too...When i will go for "meye dekhte" i will need to have a clean feet,no accessories,need to check the use of abusives,and listen to the girl :)

By the way i saw your comment in my blog..Tomar "best friendero" ki biye hoye geche????

Jack said...


You made me chuckle again and again. I was also reliving time our daughter had her meeting to decide with him. On your previous post, do what you feel is right. And it is upto both of you to be comfortable with it. No reply to my comment on part I? Our wedding anniversary too is this month. When is yours? You two look nice.

Take care

DayDreamer said...

This is a great read..

WOW never knew so many things and observations can be made in just 15mins..
Being a guy Your post is helpful in me learning a few Do's and Dont's..Thankx..

Great the end of it..had nice big smile on my face..

Great work!!


God Bless you both...!!

Princess Pragya said...


This is a classic case of what I call "Naughty girl meets Good boy"

Its the simplicity that touched me...

chocolate lover said...

sweet :)

Rachael said...

I love your posts! I have learned so much through your blog about India and the culture. Its surprising to me how we can be so alike and so different at the same time...

Thousif Raza said...

that is so so chweet hmm got to know what girl likes hmm, thx for the help will definitely improve in some sections for sure :)

and thx for the visit to my blog and following it, hope to c more of you there :)

and is that you and him in the photo thats so cute too :)

take care and keep writing.........

J said...


Happy anniversary. And what tattoo did you get?

Rohit Dassani said...

hahaha this is really nice.... i have to do the same..... soon.... but with a gurl!!

Anonymous said...

awwwwww :)


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