Friday, October 9, 2009

Signs that you are in love

this is specially for an old friend of mine, an ex-colleague whom i had troubled a lot during our work together.But today as i write this,Bini,its cuz you asked me to write about love which..i will gladly do here it is..all for you :)

when you start telling yourself, this is too good to be true

when you wait for that early morning msg from him when you start your day

when you listen to songs and think about him..and smile

when life becomes even more beautiful with the roads being smoother and traffic no longer troubling you

when all you want to do is talk to him

when you learn to multi-task between travelling and speaking over the phone

whn you listen to mushi songs and say"this is so true"

when you actually start listening to the lyrics of a song

when you start liking your egg fried.sunny side up,hard-boiled or scrambled the way he likes it for breakfast

when your conversations over phone begin with "how was your day?"

when your caller tune is "tum mile to jaadu chaa gaya"

when your conversation over the phone is less than 9 hours but more than 5

when "we" beomes more beautiful than "me"

when it becomes interesting to know about his family and his dog

when you dont mind trying black tea,cuz he likes it ,even though you scorned it all your life

when you go to the mall,finish buying your stuff, but still look around to get "something niaacee" for him

when you wish he is staring at you secretly while you both sip coffee

when you start deleting others msgs so you can store all his msgs

when you set a special ring tone for him everytime he calls

when you start reading some special love quotes so you can try to use it in your next msg,especially the last "good night msg"

when you try to listen to "cats in the cradel" because he likes the group(what was the name..ehhh i forgot)

when you read his orkut profile over and over

when you start sending his profile's link to your cousins and best friends and say"see his profile"

when you see Victoria's Secret and wish he were with you,though you would have pretended to be shy and blushed

when you get just 5 hours of sleep in a day but wait every night to speak to him..again

when you look at those hands across the table and just wish to slip in your fingers

when even choosing a pack of hankerchiefs for him is important,cuz he will know your taste here

when you start blogging about love and coffee conversations

when you start writing your name with his

and look at it again and again

when dinning out no longer is about the food,but the ambience and the seating has to be "facing each other"

When you love changing your relationship status on facebook and write "In A Relationship With G"

When you laugh at your friends when they congratulate you on the relationship writing LOL , but asking him to to check out what your friends have said

when you start wishing for lonely places to sit ,cuddle up and talk

when the thought of sharing the same blanket in winters makes you smile

when you realsize you want to wake up every morning of your life ,looking at his face

when you are ready to give up all worries,as long as his arms are around you

when you start watching ESPN and learn about tennis(bye bye Star World)

When Linda Goodman and her sun signs book make you smile and say"yaaa, so true"

when you edit pictures with more attention to put up on your profile

when you have that huge grin on your face when you see his friends writing"congrats brother" on his Orkut/Facebook profile

when you wait for his eyes to rest on you for 5 seconds, when you meet in the evening for coffee

whne you dab on some extra perfume so you smell delicious when you sit beside him

when all you want to do is just sit with him and talk

when you check yourself in the mirror when he steps out to go to the loo :P (G baby i did this so writing this)

when you love walking next to him,tempted to slip your fingers in his hand, but you are shy

when you secretly keep telling yourself"ohh he is too good to be true"

when you just want to whisper in his ears "i love you" but feel shy

You are sooo hooo mooo much in love :)

P.S There are so many more things but i guess you can also mention some more which perhaps i dint experience(though i will be secretly envying you)


Jack said...


Got your link from one of your good comments. Read all available posts. East or West, Home is the BEST. Some old articles have such fond memories that you just can not discard them. Nice and witty answers to Tags. When is your wedding anniversary? Ours too is in Nov. Tips of love, I hope it helps her. Only thing I would like to add is that in any relationship mutual respect and giving space apart from clear two way communication is very important.

If you find time, please do visit my space and read as many posts as you can leaving your views.

Take care

Archana said...

Okay your blog is super cute. :) Glad I bumped into it! And this list is fab. There is nothing like it when someone's eyes rest on you for longer than 5 seconds, heh. I just love it when the eyes can do all the talkinggg!

Cursed♪♫ said...

This Is So True :)
Smiled all through your post.

workhard said...

Man... ur writing is great.. lovely article...

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sandhyaa said...

-when you visit men's section in the mall which you never did in past 22 years :P
-when you see romantic movies n picture you and him...
- when it rains you miss him..

:) yaar you make me senti :P

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