Friday, October 9, 2009

One for marriage,in-laws and bengali bride :)

So its going to be two years of G and me meeting eachother, next month on the 1oth. I am sure you have known of so many couples celebrating the day as their "love anniversary"(i also know of people who celebrate their "kiss anniversary" and to shock them i say,i dont remember my "sex anniversary :p)

anyways the pint is, that i dont celebrate love anniversary,but what i do celebrate is "Eureka" i found the one man,impossible to find, non-existent in the marriage market and definitely too good to be true...and the irony is G is not at all the kinds who would have fit into my category of ask why?

I fancied men with 6 packs
i liked men who had a beast of a bike which i could ride on
i fantasized a smoking kiss inside a convertible
only a man with manicured hands would hold me hand
He should not have a moustache
Someone whose chest i would reach when i stand barefoot
He should be the only child
And i dint want to marry a Bengali
And marriage s,as per me , were mockd upon,if you met through matrimonial website
most importantly i would "see" the guy for a year before we marry

"G" and i met for 15 minutes,in a nearby restaurant,with both sets of parents "taking a walk" outside,and i knew i wanted to marry him:) thats why i say it was a "eureka " day for me and the rest is history that has been happening over the last two years..

So you ask whats history?? here is a little glimpse

  • As per our bengali customs i am not supposed to have a hair cut till we finish a year of marrigae
  • The husband and wife sleep on the same bed on the night of marriage or stay in the same room,but in the presence of others (talk about temptations)
  • when i entred G's house for the first time ,i was handed a live fish,slippery and struggling in my hand as i took my first step across the threshold.the custom says that if the fish slips out of my hand i would not be too good at running a house or husband :)
  • newly married brides are supposed to be shy,docile and quiet
  • As his wife i am supposed to be obedient and do as he says
  • Today,after almost a year and a half of marriage,i am not supposed to call him by his name...i do
  • as shown in most serials and movies about wives waking up early morning ,in the in-laws house to water the "Tulsi",i continue waking up at 9,and have my tea and toast ready
  • The sons wife should be preferable dressed in saaree when her in-laws are around
  • its my duty to cook and clean after him,but the man helps me with the dinner table every night and cleans the table too *touchwood touchwood*
  • i look at myself and say "incomplete" if my "shidur"(vermillion) is missing from my forehead
  • a year and a half of marriage and i am completely at ease talking for hours as G listens to me quitely,making sure he reacts at the right moment..or else what follows is "you never listen to me baby".
  • he is sometimes the one who wake up at 6 to water the "tulsi" make some life -saving ginger tea in bed..
  • so many contradictions in life from my expectations,but yet i never seem to ask God for anything more(only a Wiao note book )
And to think,he was exactly what i dint have in mind during my search in the marriage market.And also the wonderful family that i am married to definitely calls for me shouting"eureka" with my clothes on!!! remember i told you..i dont remember my "sex anniversary"


aritra the daydreamer said...

lucky i am to be ur first follower...and ya congrats for ur year marriage anniversary..and thanks again to visit my nice of u...

sulagna chatterjee said...

you are so so welcoem aritro..i think i will call oh that :) oki na??

Prithwish said...

hey..really liked your post.I think i was ought to like this one, being a bengali :)
Heartiest congratulations for your marriage...I am new to blogging..pls do visit my site
take care ...

Starry-eyed nut said...

did the fish stay or slip out of your hand?

sulagna chatterjee said...

after a lot of freaking out and crooked faces i managed to hold the slippery thing :)

but its fun :)

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