Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a love letter from the husband :)

    The first thing after you bathe you have the Shidur in your forehead

    Everyday back home the warm hug making me forget that I have been weary

    Everyday to office the goodbye kiss making me forget the day long work ahead

    On embellishing yourself and looking so beautiful with the best of perfumes, Jewellery and Accessories looking for my eyes to turn wide in admiration

    The lovely little notes that you post on the wall

    The dreams and wishes that you share with me and when we live through them together

    For holding my hand and your desire to hold my hand when I am 90 and you are 86

    For watching ESPN and NDTV with me even when you wish to see the next scary movie on HBO

    For the surprise gifts and the beautiful flowers when it the least expected

    Your holding me tight and the bear hugs in bed when I wake up

    Getting angry on me for not arranging the clothes and the towels and the footwears and forgiving me for the nonchalant behaviour.

    Your reading a book and waiting for me to come to sleep beside you

    Your kissing my neck when on the laptop and doing so for the next ten min till I can no longer concentrate

    Forgetting the last night quarrel and petulance and forgiving me for the mistakes

    Your making me feel important and being thought of all the while

    Your respect, love and concern for Baba, Ma and Dida

    For sharing my happiness and being with me in times of distress

    For laughing away my gaucherie

    You writing those cute messages on my planner with an enviable handwrite with your sinuous fingers

    Your copious collection of paraphernalia and apparels and still being excited for me to buy you a new one

    Of your interests in everything I do and your belief that we should do it together

    For embellishing the house with so much love and zeal

    For sweetly contorting your lips and eyes while looking at me with love while I draw and cook and I drive and talk.

    For spending the last few months together and making me realize what love is all about.

… Just a few from the gamut of reasons. I love you

PS: This was sent by G in my inbox some time back...and this is exactly why i count my blessings every morning


Jack said...


My heartiest congratulations on being such a perfect wife or rather soul mate. May you both have a long, happy, successful, healthy and peaceful married life full of all the fun and things you both desire.

Take care

PS : I am sure lot of husbands may feel j of G.

Sunakshi said...

Nice blog :)

keep writing

aritra the daydreamer said...

firste bhablam je letter ta for anniversary....anyway khub sundor,sensitive and misti r anniversary kemn celebrate korle????
oi niye kintu ekta post chai...

chocolate lover said...

nice blog ;) keep blogging

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwww :)

Cursed♪♫ said...


J said...

aaaaaaaaawwww...... :P

May the love keep flowing on and on and on and on...

workhard said...

That is so adorable....

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Suprabhat Mukherjee said...

Bugger has done a good job. Thanks to you :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

awwwww :) baby...you rean and commented too :) :) you have no idea how acclaimed and recognised i feel after your comment.

PS: Thanks Bugger

Nikita said...


i am in love with the couple...
i feel all love and love aroud me and u dont know how happy u have made me today...

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