Friday, October 16, 2009

cute men all around!!Allehuia!!!

There are times when i smile even when no one is around me..thought i shall share some moments with you

ever seen a cute looking guy driving with the music loud..the best part of it is when the cutie stops next to you in the traffic ,his windows are rolled down and you can see him tapping his fingers on the steering wheel while he hums the song..Niiacee

you are trying to cross a super busy road and every jerk driving on the road is driving like a maniac , and no matter how hot you look in thos Tommy shades no one bothers to stop...until one old man,i usualy refer to them as "daadu" stops and lets you cross.i make it a point to smile at the old man cus the moment brings out a natural smile.

you are sitting in Barista with your girl gang,three of you engrossed in coffee and tonnes of catching up, suddenly you hear the struming of a turn around and see this cutie strumming the guitar while sipping on his coffee..absolutely into the guitar and not bothered ,or rather lapping the attention ,so effortlessly.

Then there are times you go out pubbing with your girl gang all dressed to the hilt. And you notice a bunch of boys, all by thmselves,enjoying the drinks and dancing.the zero attention they give you(except for that one minute stare) is what makes these creatures even more desirable..something about men being by themselves,busy,makes them so delicious ;)

you are travelling back to your home for the Diwali holidays and you are all drssed well..if youa re like me who likes dressing up for the airport,all matching with the LV Handbag and the suitcase. It feels like the whole of the senior citizen category is travelling and you sulk and move towards you seat..only to find this super hot guy,with his worn out jeans and the ipod looking out of the window:) ohh the heavens are blessing me!!!

You are waitign at the cue to take a Volvo at Dadar TT to return back to pune after a long seminar..your heels are killing you but your eye lashes cant stop fluttering when you see the long queue trudge at your huge handbag(with the waterbottle,make up kit,unbrella,notes for the meeting,wet tissue packet and the medicine pouch) counting for the 3rd time how many people are standing before you. And there comes this "excuse me" from behind you and you see this guy in checks,with dimpled cheek carrying a bag which says"Google" and says" you can sit there, i will get you a ticket" and you wonder..i wish i could google some more men like this when i travel the next time.

chivalry is not dead..and i have experienced so many knights showing it off:)

ps: Why dint God clone some more look alikes of Chris Maine


Madhu said...

Hi Sulgana, you probably don't know me, but I was a colleague of Suprabhat. I chanced upon your blog recently and I just wanted to tell you that your writing is absolutely entertaining! It real and personal and I enjoyed reading it!

With best regards,

J said...

Lol... naiiiceee ;)

Yip, knights do exist.. now where was that lil scarf you dropped :P

sulagna chatterjee said...

hi Madhu..i think i have heard him mention about you somewhere..but the point is, now when i will mentiopn your name to him,it would be good to see his eyes widening;) thank you so much fro dropping by my blog and the beautiful comment..please read it more n comment more(sorry..dil maange more)

J, hi there..thanks for the reciprocal comment..i liked reading your thoughts and you know what,your display pic made em think ,it probably belongs to someone who likes Jack Daniels..LOL

chocolate lover said...
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chocolate lover said...

:) i too like chris!!

Jack said...


True, such things do make one smile. Daddus know how impatient the kids are so they give right of way, this is from my personal experience.

Take care

PS : Stop ogling at handsome men or he will feel jealous. LOL

aritra the daydreamer said...

oops ogling is no longer a a guys domain!!!!

Sunakshi said...

i enjoyed this post*wink* xD

mohit said...

heyy...checked out ur blog....nice n pink ;)
although i won't comment on this post (for obvious reasons :P) ....but hopefully I will on ur next one ...
cheers :D

Debojit Ghatak said...

Cute Blog...

Suree said...

you have found some one from heaven who helped to get the ticket.. i don't think Google search will help u in this..

any ways first time visit 2 ur blog and loved reading every word of this post..

workhard said...

Knights do exist... sigh.. how come i dont meet one..

How to make a website

Suprabhat Mukherjee said...

Whoa! And all this while I was thinking I committed a crime checking out the Punto!

Nice Read :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

lol ..i wanted to write something witty but cant..and no you are not encouraged to watch chicks driving red puntos....not allowed at all G!!!


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