Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge :15 years

"Bade Bade Shehro Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai"

If you can remember which movie has this dialouge then you and i are gonna talk a lot..and like always i start my yapping :)

The year 1995 was a year of leather jackets with brass buckles, tamborins,girls in white salwaar kameez taking pictures in mustard fields in Punjab, when the Swiss cow bell was officially launched in India and when we started awaiting DDLJ.

This was my first time at a movie hall in Jamshedpur,at a "theatre" called "Payal Talkies" ,i guess for 10Rupess in the balcony.Oh and since baba was a well known man in the city i was given a "specuial chair" with a pepsi bottle and a plate of "shinghara"(samosa)

It was a time when me and my friends were 12 year olds thinking of "ek undekha anjana sa" who would come in my life and i would say good bye to maths and chemistry,goodbye to school unifroms,goodbye to PT class..all that would happen was songs on a snow clad mountain in Europe.

The movie opened to packed houses since it had Shah Rukh Khan, the boy who would fail his university exams and drink beer with his father, the young boy who would play the guitar(something like it) and run his fingers gracefully over a royal piano.He will be the boy who would be swooned over by all the friends but would have his eye and heart set only on me(this is what every girl in the audience was thinking)

What begins as a fun-filled journey in the Euro rails ends in true love between Simran and Raj ,who know in their hearts about their love but never confess. And then when the mother is listening to her daughters love story ,over a crackiling firepalce the huge,pigeon-feeding ,God-fearing father overhears.

As the scene moves out of London you see the family of four Simran sulking with her sister ,while her mother frowns and father prides on smelling the mustard fields "of the punjab". As Simran is introduced to her childhood fiance the parents decide to "Dosti ko rishtedaari mein badal diya jaaye" .As Simran sulks by the window she hears the swiss cow bell(yes its Raj trvelled all the way from London ,to hang a cow bell on a cows neck to proclaim his love) Simran runs out tot he mustard field Raj runs in from the opposite side .....aanndd they meet,hug kiss,caress,cajole etc etc

Raj enters the marriage household and befriend the handsome-dumb gabru jawan kuljeet who is planning to travel to London to meet some firangi "bebe shebe". As the two hide behind pillars and kiss, and karva chauth is observed, love blossoms between Rajs dad and Simrans Bua,who throw roses and sing vintage songs for eachothers(Rajs father came to Punjab to support his son )

The movies reaches climax with Raj being slapped 16 times by the pigeon -feeding father,with whom raj tried bonding over pigeon feeding, but nothing soothed down the mans anger.But he has a sudden reversal of roles and tells his daughter"Jaa Simran Jaa,jee le apni zindagi" as Simran once again runs towards Raj in a speeding train who pulls in intio the train(scene enactment fo the first time they met)

DDLJ...Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge


Jack said...


You have a way with words. The whole movie flashed in my mind as if I was seeing it again.

Take care

Simply Manasi said...

There's one more...Nahi simran nahi, Bhaga to parayo se jaata hai...apno se bhaag kar hum jaate bhi to kahaaa...
I hear its still running in Maratha Palace of it?


Starry-eyed nut said...

my fav movie ever :)

sulagna chatterjee said...

Jack,thank you so much,this being my fave movie,i almost know the dialoghues by heart

manasi: yezzz yezzz and i remember having written the poem"koi undekha unjana sa kasar khwabo mein ata hai"LOL

starry-eyed-nut thanks for dropping by girl..seeing yours and AJ's romance i am sure you would be lenient to this movie

chocolate lover said...

my fav. movie too.. i think i was 5 when i saw this movie for the first time :p

J said...

I watched this movie with... hold your breath.... my mom sis and aunt while the girl I had a crush on sat two rows ahead while the boys sat right behind us.

And that's why I can never forget the movie. It's the smartass comments that came from the row behind that I remember more, than the movie dialogues itself.

sulagna chatterjee said...

chocolate lover` thanks a lot for reading it and guess i am feeling ancient cuz i was 12 when this movie came and you were 5 :( LOL

J` funny how we associate memories with movies and songs..i was into my first crush when this movie came and all i imagined was him all through the movie ;)

Suprabhat Mukherjee said...

Dreams of all adolescent girls and boys in those times. Fancying late night car drives with stolen beer, of getting locked in a train car with a pretty young girl, of cowbells and euro bahns, of missing trains, of mushy romance, of “undekha unjana sa mere khwabon mein” and “palat”, of white kurta clad Simran’s and Harley Davidson clad Raj’s, of Manish Malhotra wet mini skirts, of dads drinking to flunked son and more such fantasies.

Nicely written. Brings back the era.

sulagna chatterjee said...

heyiii finally got time and creativity to comment on my blog...uummmmm is this the magic of the prawns i cooked?? thanks you

aritra the daydreamer said... clg has stared so is "busy" about many unimportant things..anyway read ur post.i dont remember when i first watched this movie...but the movie that hold a similar place in my heart is kaho na pyaar hai...It realeased when i got admiited to rkm narendrapur a residential boys school frm a coed school and the memory of my first crush was still itched in my mind..who always used to sit jst before my bench...I dont know why but this movie give me a wonderful feeling the song seem they r for me only..

Anonymous said...

Ah, simple brought back memories of the 90s. DDLJ <3 will always be my favourite. :D

I love your blog! It's simple & yet so sweet. You write really well :)

Anonymous said...

BTW, that was a good post ;)

Rahul said...

Hello there..u sure do seem to have a way with words...realy enjoyed u'r previous post Ashutosh Chalisa. Your blog is simple yet stylish and its pretty evident tht u r obsessed with love! Its gr8 2 hav ppl like u arnd...Spread the love!Cheers!

Prithwish said...

hey sulagna..hope u doing good..reading ur post bought my fav movies memories back...DDLJ is an evergreen movie..SRK-Kajol rock big time...specially the climax...mone holo theatre ae boshe aabar movie dekhchi..

The Ketchup Girl said...

and i fell in love after i saw DDLJ with SRK, and i haven't still fallen out of it. DDLJ's raj was all that I wanted in a man- erm, who doesn'? :D Probably thats the reason I married a namesake! you forgot- ja jeele apni zindagi!!

its my all time fav, and u just brought back some guey mushy memories to make my morning happy!

thanks for leaving your foot prints on my space1 u will hit it off well with my 3 year old..what with all this pinkness!

sulagna chatterjee said...

Hi there Rahul:) first and foremost welcoem to my random love filled thoughts ..its absolutely great to have compliments coming in :) i can slurp over them!!!

Prithwish..aami toh shei choto belay j SRK'r premey porlaam,eyi biye hobaar pore ektu komeche :)

ketchup girl! so far i dont know your name, but i will i am sure at the rate that i read your blog:) and trust me the inspiration you get from 3 year old with their imagination and super smart comments is unfathomable..i have 30 year old man as my husband whose maturity level is as good as your three year old :)

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