Friday, October 23, 2009

slap,kick and make yourselves heard..time for a change

It's time to change .

Hindustan Times.

I have been rather pleased with the ads that are being aired these days by HT..absolute brilliant ideas which seems like a fresh breath of air after seeing sickening of the particulars i dislike is of American Tourister,which has a bespeckacled Gora ona mumbai local,witha red american his suitcase is trampled,dropped,juggled,the poor gora is shuttlign between everyones laps in the compartment,and a scary face-off with some eunuchs. In the end he manages to get off his station and as the train is pushing off,we see his suitacse being thrown out to him which he holds on to ,and on the screen comes in bold letters "Survive Mumbai American Tourister".

there is a lot more to India, but it all has to start with us

I am one of those Indians who has never had any relative shed blood and sacrifice thier life for the nation,but deep down inside em is a person who gets goosebumps when the national anthem is played in multiplexes,i sing along too. I am one of those who has refused going "abroad" for job opportunities and fortunately enough G has the same sentiments. Whenever we are on a long drive i keep a "trash can " which is usualy a plastic bag in which all the wafer packets and peanut sheels and breezer bottles are colelcted and dumped at a dustbing. I have very often scowled loudly at people who spit on roads and say"kya farak parta hai"(what difference does it make)..and i say "farak padta hai"(it makes difference)

Thus my sudden liking for HT adds wchich empasize on us to change ourselves..for the better.

Lets try and follwo traffic rules and not try to skip a signal if no mama(policeman) is watching

lets try to keep our country clean,stop littering when we are travelling

stop abusing our politicians and go out to vote

stop being lazy about work,and realise how important our work is and do we deserve the salary we take home(i know this mind sound too much,but i mean it)

lets for a change really spread the word thatIndia is not about snake charmers, bomb blast and Maoists.

Its time to teach the nearby hotel's chotu who serves you tea every time.thats teh only way we can improve our country,education

lets open our minds to change in taxation system and stop cribbing about older,"easier" ways

its time to stop discriminating in our offices,based on being a loacalite or outsider

lets imbibe in ourselves that a girl child is as precious and important as a boy

lets learna little more about sharing and spending your birthday not just at a club but spending sometime with children in an orphanage

stop thinking about the "more expensive " recycled paper and go ahead with it

enough of taking print -out's of "you are the best" and my "team is the best" and pinning it to your it into your hearts

raise your voice when you see a lady being teased, you will soon hear a chorus behind you

stop feeling humiliated id someone touches you in public,turn around and whack him hard(i have done this thrice in Bandra and felt NICE)

ohhh i have so many things to say, but i shall stop now cuz this might sound like a sermon.But it comes from my gut and i hope it echoes somewhere in you.


Suprabhat Mukherjee said...

Great thoughts! Always with you.

J said...

Yeh, time for a change. But when.

I believe that progress doesn't come through cleaner roads and the like but firstly through the change in the mindset.

sulagna chatterjee said...

Dearhusband, thank you for finally finding out a way to read and comment on my blogs from office..thank you for bearing with my believes in life:)

J` we need to learn to mind our manners..stop littering,follow traffic rules and be honest..see its all a mindset issue..we guys are too comfortable with "kya farak padta hai??"

chocolate lover said...

totally agreed..
Time to change :)

Jack said...


I am totally with you on all the points, specially about education & girl child and there are many more which need care like due respect for women and their empowerment. Let us start raising awareness level.

Take care

Sunakshi said...

Yeap,me too agree :)

nice post :)

ani_aset said...

hey hopped over from shalinis blog..and i so agree with what you have written about doing our bit to make the change..i too dont litter..i carry my chewing gum packet with me tilli find a dustbin to drop it ...

Nahl said...

It is so fucking disgusting when perverts subtly touch you...I have never had the guts to turn around and whack them!I honestly look up to you for doing that!

sulagna chatterjee said...

Nahl,it just needs some courage to turn right back and slap..beleive me no body shall question you on why you do it..its not fair that we get embarrassed and let such perverts walk free

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