Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ashutosh Chalisa

The first time it hit me..i was left with a black eye and a thumping heart with a blood pressur of 160/260(approximately)

the next time i saw it halt before my feet,i knew all i wanted to do was touch it once

On the third time as it swung through the wind i wanted to hold it and run away...

It was the Basketball Ashutosh played with

and now when you are done laughing at my expense ,you ask who is Ashutosh??

I was in Std 8,super comfortable in my skirts with the unwaxed legs, white socks rolled down and mud-stained sneakers , a pony tail too high and tight that i managed to stretch my fore head by 2 CM's. I was the epitome of a comfortable 14 year old,busy with her Archies,evening show of FRIENDS,learning Chemistry equations and discussing about sex.

yes i was a regular 14 year old ...till Ashutosh Mishra's basket ball hit my head.

I own the damage to my head not to the basketball but to the player.Ashutosh Mishra, the guy who always leaped the highest,had the loudest high five and the tallest attitude in the basketball court. The first time i saw him,in his loyola yellow "ganji" and navy blue shorts,i knew what Greek Gods wore,this is what Gods are amde of,yellow ganji and navy blue lycra shorts. Slam Dunk only meant love to me,another beautiful way of putting it perhaps.The basketball team captain and he had his own bike..no no not the Scooty types but a bike.Sometimes i also saw him driving his father Fiat..ohh did a Fiat ever look as nice,with him in his blue t-shirt. I knew he had 3 different t-shirts in shades of Blue. His backpack was black and so were his sunglasses(one of the few boys who wore them) He had a favorite chair at the canteen where he and his friends would sit everyday and high-five over Pepsi and Samosas.I tried so many times to speak to him but my tongue dint move ..till one day

I was in my school fair and i had a stall called Hoopla..where you place 10 cans in a pyramid and you are supposed to knock all of them off in 3 shots. As my friends and i were busy arranging the cans,i heard his voice"Hi we would like to play this too" and that was it..i froze..no literally i did cuz i knew i was blushing so badly that he could have seen me as a red alert.My friends with their giggles and nudging dint help either..As i stood watching him hit the pyramid,i knew...this is the man i will marry..i mean who else could hoop the cans in 3 shots?? i was sure this is the man who would kiss me and my legs would tremble.This was the man whose arms were to leave the basketball and hold me,this was the man whose mother would celebarte Karva Chauth with me..Oh what bliss could i ask for???

My love grew far and wide and so did its fame..till a time came where i stood by the dosawala to have the Masala Dosa and his friends shouted "Mishraaa" ohhh i still remember the chatni dripping off my leaf plate as my friends laughed at the attention they got..Within a minute i could see Mishra walk ahead and i was sure he was smiling cuz he could have heard my heart beating even at that distant. What followed was a tasteless Dosa,a shivering hand to pay the money,and an equally shaky me riding my scooty back home.

Its been 13 years now and i write this today after seeing an album titled"our little bundle of joy" and a baby girls photo in the FB profiel of Dr.Ashotosh Mishra


Jack said...


Down the fond memory lane. Nicely told and makes one feel as if it is happening in front of eyes now.

Take care

sulagna chatterjee said...

hi jack..thank you so much for reading my juvenile thoughts :)

how was Diwali??

Cursed♪♫ said...

**Puppy Love** :D
I still remember my first crush :)

Cute post.
Happy Diwali!! :)

chocolate lover said...

hey its cute.. really loved the post.. :D

workhard said...

Hey that was really cute..

u r so expressive.. reminded me of my time in school and the silly crushes...

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J said...

hahaha.. the anti-climax was pretty cool ;)

Well, that one crush we all can never forget.

aritra the daydreamer said...

so nicely written...u just make me nostalgic...

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