Tuesday, September 29, 2009

today was a mistake

My much needed corner,i need to create soon

the color of the mehendi and the clinging payal around the feet of a married woman.

i need to make my heart stronger

to get me through some of the puddles of life,in flying colors.

my souls indulgence

all i need are these two to live a "bad day"

Could it look so beautiful really??

On My Mind..."I'm so royally upset and this is so not a time to blog.I know for sure i will crinch evrytime i see this blog..but its a tag ,so must be done

Outside My Window...It's dark,no moonlight just a hallo reminding me that the Puja's are over and for the first time in 27 years i was celebrating Durga Puja without ma baba.

What I am Reading... the lines on my hand and if there is anything to be read in between em.

What I am Listening to... nothign except my fingers typing on the keyboard,the sound of the fan above me and waiting to listen for G's footsteps.

What I am Watching... is this supposed to be a trick question cuz i definitely cant type if i am not watching my screen and the keyboard.

I am hoping... that i get stronger after this time and stop weepinf over epole who will remain in my life without changing an iota of themselves. Just keep saying this to myself,that this si justa pahse , it will pass...24 hours and not spoken to G properly

Quotable Quote..."life's a bitch" anonymous

A Funny Thing... i was visiting the in-laws for the 4 day looonngg festivities so was in Mumbai. In the evning when we were getting ready to return to pune, i realised i had not got any of my perfumes and the one in the vial in my purse was over. G's grandmother pulled out a Davidoff and asked me to wear it"its one of my favorites" she said .She is 85 :P

In The Kitchen... I'm at my best ,completely love the sound of the pots and the pans,i guess i should have invested my time ,education and youth into a cooking course or something.

Around the House... I’m found putting old read newspapers back into the store room, opening the windows while keeping the lamp shades on (i hate white light) watering the plants and cooking the meals(all this while on the phone with Ma giving her an update on how my day ahs been so far)

Coming Up this Week... I would start working in a new organization,the offer letter is yet to arrive though we have already dined out in glory of the new job.I should get my salary after a months delay,i plan to buy myself a new laptop now and i will be going on a diet to keep some mouths shut.

I guess today was a big mistake, not a good day at all.Perhaps praying to Durga about G's good and healthy long wife while sweating in a temperature of 36degrees was the only good part of it. There are these days when you feel life has taken a completely wrong turn,it was not supposed to be this way..hey waht happend to "happily always",what happened to "everyone loves me". I indulged in life in all that it ha sto offer to me but today is one of those days where the battles take a toll on me and i wonder where are the blessings???

I tag all my fellow bloggers and readers....and thou shall obey :P

And this is some what how my day looked..


scooch said...

lol...i like i like ....davidoff??? lol

scooch said...

ok its me elli ;p

sulagna chatterjee said...

and look i have spoken about you too :) and yezzz i know there is only one chinky scooch

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