Monday, September 28, 2009

I Rant

Its been a long while that i had not scribbled my way here..inspite of having various occassions where i just wanted to write down what i went laptop and the broadband connection slept peacefully..

I wish i had more time to indulge in myself.

i wish i could use some better weods to sound intelligent and well-read.

I could do with a weekly sea salt foot scrub instead of he 14 seconds daily foot scrub.

i really wish i could be a ""jumper" and just negate space and distance to get myslef out of messy situations and people.

I would have really liked to have my own Labrador, a black one which would nuzzle its snout on my bed and wake me every morning,instead of the alarms.

If being in love would be less painfull and if only i could get stronger with time instead of weeping about it.
i would want to indulge in the most sinful chocolate cake without mortifying over the calories.
If only i could get to sleep little longer on weekends without people,phone calls and the sunlight waking me up.

i could do with some original capuchino from the coffee machine instead of the water and cofee solution i drink daily.

It would be great getting flowers on my desk once every two weeks,declaring a mystery man,who loves the way i bat my eyelash(does anyone even notice that anymore??)

it would be great if i could win a year long supply of make-up from Mac,so i could dab in their colours and smells.

Could God please listen to me and make em thinner,promising me never to weigh me down with calories and worries.

i need a faster and sleeker laptop

If only getting tattoo done was not so worrying,since i cant decide what to get tattooed and where.

If only driving cars on th roads of pune was as easy as cooking Pasta.

Why cant all my cakes turn out soft and fluffy instead of the lopsided results i have.

marriage should actually be seasonal,you can get "unmarried" live a spinsters life for a month and coem back to the man you are married to.

If G could be just half as talkative as me, our sundays would go 3 times faster.

If marriage would have been a little more easierminus the responsibilities and mandatory relationship maintenance.

Why could not i own a Villa on the Malibu beaches where i culd fly in evry month for the Bronze Tan and live a week of a spinster life, with all my crazy yet numbered friends(elli,sam,ninfa,ria)

Oh shitttt...and i thought i am very happy and content with what God has blessed me with..

Dear God, i really love you a lot and know that you are reading this from some heavenly link and i am sure you will fulfill some of them.


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