Saturday, September 12, 2009

pink loofah and gillete Mak 3's

i started asking you for suggestions.

you asked me if the shirt was too small.

i looked at you while you slept and smiled.

you ran your fingers through my hair and smiled.

you drove the car and i sat quitely , not distracting you

i write in my blog and you sleep in bliss next to me.

you started liking sweets after dinner.

i enjoyed breezer with red bull.

you really quit giving attention to the PS2

I have cut down my sunday noon pedicures to snuggle in the sofa and watch TV with you

i started sleeping with the curtains drawn

you finaly took on the responsibility of switching on the "good night"

you took m out to drive the car with all your patience

i keep my patience as the kitchen turns into a battle ground when you cook.

the bathroom windows are always to be kept opened, but you always forget

how the credit card people add interest ,i always forget to send you the mails

i have tried to make place for your shaving foam in the bathroom

you never complain on using a bathroom with butterflies painted and pink loofahs

Chocolate souffle was always a dessert.till you saw my new lotion

Black belts were always worn on my dresses,till you spoke about your six sigma thingy

i glow when someone refers to me as "G's wife"

you blush when people say" you guys are so made for each other"

I am in love

and you love me


G said...

I loved this baby!

sulagna chatterjee said...

geee baby..thanks!!! you are my inspiration

Madmax said...

Excellent piece. Easy flowing words, and yet they convey so very much. You may find something similar to what I had written about my wife :

Simply Manasi said...

Simply Adorable :-)

sulagna chatterjee said...

hi madmax, thanks for dropping by :) will definitely go through your post..and i guess once you are addicted to love the words just flow!!! whats say??

sulagna chatterjee said...

i say simply Auteur :)

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