Friday, September 11, 2009

"Post it" and reminders

I am sure we all have a list of "todo's" pinned on our office boards at our work stations,or some reminders on your cell phone, some yellow posy it"s on your fridge etc...i was looking at mine today

On my office soft board this is what i see

1.6 bottles of Kingfisher
2.1 quarter signature
3.2Breezers,jamaican and cranberry
4.1 large soda
5.1 large Thums Up
6.2 pacs of frozen chicken nuggets
7.2 kilo biryani(indian delicacy will have atleast 300 answers to a google search)

as i fidget with my cell phone i see the following

1.Thursday and Sunday nights 10PM a reminder saying "travel n living chew"( there are these two culinary shows that come on travel n living to which i am addicted the one on Thursdays is Chinese Cooking and on saturday is all about baking)
2.take medicine from 11th december,follic acid
3.birthday reminders.
4.ask nisha to return my earings on 18thspt
5.citybank crdit card payments
6.PF money to be given in November

I try to remember whats on my fridge and here is a glimpse

yellow post it says"no milk on 7th 8th 9th and 10th sept"

pink post it says"i litre oil opened on 3oth august

green post it says" Return Monica's melamine tiffin"

red post it says" dont touch butter on your bread'

i dont know how to sum up this post..there is nothing in particular i feel baout all this, i am happy that i stay busy just no time for myself,i am sad that my life has more denomiantions to divide time into, like oil and milk, i am excited about my diet regime and the red post it saying i need to loose weight..

but now that i am blogging about all this, i think i am getting a kick out of it cuz there are definitely more people out there who do the a life of "post it's' and "reminders"


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