Friday, September 18, 2009

Music and Lyrics

i was traveling back home after work last evening and as usual took out my cell phone to tune into the radio..sometimes i thank God for such huge blessings

Traffic Signals
Flowers at 20Rs at the traffic signal which would cost you 150 at a Flower shoppee

Anyways coming back to my FM frequency,i switch channels the moment i hear advertisements, so was doing the same last evening and that set me off traveling 12 years back
"Tujhe laage na najariya,od le chunariya, tirchi nigahe mere dil pe giraye, re bijuria bijuria"
This was perhaps one of Sonu Nigams most popular songs back in 1998 when i used to have a major crush on "Ashutosh", the man who would free me from Chemistry, the one who would watch movies with me at the club on Fridays and the one who played this song"loudly" in the car as he drove past me,when i cyclced my way back home as a 9th std kid..oh Lord even the sound of the above sentence is making me giggle all over. To think this kind of song can be associated with your love life.

Next up i heard "yaroo dosti badi hi haeen hai yeh na ho toh kya fir boloyeh zindagi hai" in KK's whiskey-soaked voice, yes cuz thats how warm and emoted it sounds to me . you know there are some people who have everythign nice in their voice,like old scotch blended by masters over years.I kept thinking of my last day in school as an 18 year old,holding on to friends sobbing at the thought of parting.Something about the lyrics makes me dewy eyed when i listen to the song and think of ol'friends even today.

soon i heard" Its the time to Disco,kaun mile dekho kisko, its the time to disco" , and thats exactly what it reminds of, my crazy days in college as a 20 year old, who just loved being "stamped" thrice in one night for pub-hopping. this song has special memories of me and my roomies dancing and getting ready to go out clubbing on weekends, pooling in an auto paying the auto guy 10 bucks extra to take 4 of us in the same auto. Sitting at the stations"24 hour open" coffee shop with this being played loud, aswe sipped on coffee and had biryani at 4 in the morning post all the dancing,drinking embarassment and "i want to make friendship with you's"

Almost near my house ,suddenly they played "tere bin main you kaise jiya,kaise jiya tere bin" and oh damn flood gates of the past i want this to be funny so i will skip the painfull memories of some man who broke my heart and walked off, someone whose birthday is still saved on my cell phone,someone who's a part of my past and the song too..a part of all the crying into the pillow and Vodka sessiosn to loose the pain.damn these radio people maaan!!!F**%$$#

Just on my way up into the lift to the 4th flour of my house i heard "tujhme rab dikhta hai yara main kya karoo" and ou t came a big smile..maa.My maa and her insatiable craving for shahrukh khan movies.Since this movie came late in Jamshedpur she made me courier(on urgent basis) the CD of Rab Ne Banda ...the last i visited her she was humming this as she changed the water for the money plant in the kitchen.

And right now as i write this i have one song on repeat mode in my player "Dil Harrey pukaare tujhe" and you know what this song means to me if you read my post tittled "Dil Haarey"

PS: If you guys have not heard the song "Dil Haarey" i strongly recommend you to float here


Madmax said...

You know what ? It's indeed unique the way you have strung together separate thoughts in one article and yet not jarred the effect. We do sometimes start reflecting when we hear our personal favourite numbers.

But beware .. the Rs 20 flowers that you are so thankful to God for have, in all probability been picked up from the "shoshaan" by the vendors. That's what happens in Mumbai. The moment you stop at the signal underneath the Bandra flyover, you would find them rushing onto you to sell them .. and they ARE picked up from the death beds of people on their last journey. So avoid, if possible. If not for anything, at least from the hygiene perspective.

sulagna chatterjee said...

Hey kopaal!! eiy shonar baaki chiloh!! yes i had heard this before but had dismissed it as bullshit...but now coming from you,i think i should stop...i definitely dont want spirits from shoshan doing paaglaami in my house accusing of phool churi!!

and yes talking about songs, i was in the middle of cooking kosha mangsho and remembering ma listening to "jokhon rbe na mor payer chinho eyi bhate" when she cooks at home!!

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