Wednesday, September 23, 2009

P.S: I love you

The first time we met, i was struck by his fingers..they were dainty, they were creative, passionate,comfortable and made me wanna slip my fingers between. I read somewhere,long back ,that God left gaps between our fingers so someone comes and places his fingers in between. I knew ,thats what i wanted to happen right then.

The second time we met, he fideled with a glass of water and i had the strong urge to hold his hands. We spoke for an hour and i realized what people say when they say"i wish time would freeze"

The next time we met, he walked beside me, trying his best to keep his steps small to match with mine.And i wore flat chappals to try and match his pace. That evening i walked and kept thinking about a movie i had seen long back" a walk in the clouds"

The following "date" was a little more eventful as we sat by the sea-side talking and sharing our lives,our families,our music and more similarities. Somewhere in between i realized i now shared my life with this man.

The next we met i only remember the look on his face as my train pulled out of the Bandra station. The feeling of "being empty" is what i experienced for the first time, knowing we would be meeting after a month after he returns from an on-site project.

We read eachothers thoughts over the pone, heard the soft "i love you" in our mails, we counted days to meet again and wondered,whats this happening to me?to us? we knew the answer

The next meeting was anxiously waited for as jetlagged man came and smiled at me as i waited for him to arrive,at our usual place by the sea beach. It was the first time i heard him humming a song and wished if he would ever hum one for me.

As i sat next to him the next time we met, i shifted slowly shyly towards him, noticing a small smile on his face as he tried looking the other way and smile.

As i write this today after after almost one and a half years, i know the most beautiful feeling is to have his fingers between mine, and they promise the world to me. And as he paints, writes,cooks,drives,talks and sleeps i keep thanking God for sending him to hold my hands for a lifetime.

P.S: happy anniversary baby


Nikita said...


here i got a lovely blog where i can seek pleasure everytime i feel love should be around...

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