Friday, August 28, 2009

Where Did All The Men Go??

I was getting off the auto today,multi-tasking between managing not to spoil me M&S by stepping into the puddle, removing my earphones to calculate how much was the auto fare, brush my hair just before entering office,Message G that i have reached office and trying to make all this quick so i dont sign in at 9:31.

Amid all this, i paid the auto guy who seemed like in a hurry to check my shirt buttons or whatever than calculating whats on the meter. G if you are reading this, trust me this is a common problem ,i have developed an immunity towards this baby so dont bother. allright, so coming back to my problem, i managed to drop the pile of papers in the file that i was carrying...forgetting everythign about taking the change back from the auto guy, who sped away at the opportunity, i bent down to pick up the papers. I scrambled along the pavement picking up the papers, damn must have been 14 of them at least cuz i remember pulling down my shirt at the back nearly 10 times.

And what surpises me is that there must have been 10 boys/men standing outside the office busy with their smokes that none of them even offered to help, all that i got was smirks and glares!!

Thats how i wonder, is chivalry dead? gone?? where the F*** is the concept of decency and in a perfectly manicured metro like Pune which is the playground for the well bred , i wonder where are the well bred men?

Remember, Salman Khan in Miane Pyaar Kiya..a spoint "amreeca" return boy in love with his red boxing gloves,woodstock jacket and the coy bhagayashree??

Remember, the polished lawyer, with tonnes of money and oodles of brain who made "Vivian" a "Pretty Woman"..Richard Gere

Remember, Hugh Jackman in the polite 16th century Duke, in New York by mistake, twirling Meg Ryan in his arms and standing up everytime a lady rose from the dinning table.Kate and Leopold

Remember,amir kahna with 6 mercs, 4 companies, 2 cell phones and personalities to woo his love in" Aparna ", the srtuggling actress ,his lady love, with all her flamboyancy in Ghajini.

Remember,Shah Rukh Khan who leaves his father, the Helicopter, the mansion , the fat brother, the loving over-feeding nanny for his bhangra crazy,blabbering wife Kajol in Kabhi Khushi KG??

Where have all the men gone?? i know i see it only in movies amid handfulls of pop-corn..but is nt there some extention to this? is nt there like soem iota of decency left, at least none in the ones i come across :(


Simply Manasi said...

Chivalry is dead chica!

sulagna chatterjee said...

you bet more shining more knights to court!!!! i think the last of the specimen are married to us ;)

Ramit said...
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Ramit said...

And this happens to all Men. Gopal ji too.


sulagna said...
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Ramit said...
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sulagna said...

the front sight is as good as the rear...anyways bandar kya jaaney adrak ka swaad..bandar toh sirf rajma chawal jaane

Ramit said...

Yeah I can see how good they both are!


I bet I make better Rajma than you!

sulagna said...

chup kar rajma chawal is the best on planet earth...tu toh ek baar bulata bhi nahi...

Anonymous said...

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