Thursday, August 27, 2009

the first "baby"

g: hii..just got done with all the work,are you sleeping?did i disturb you?

me: (rubbing my eyes n trying to open my eyes) nahiii i was awake, just reading a book, waiting for your call

g:heyii m sorry, why dont you go back to sleep, we can catch up tomorrow.

me: no no its fine baba..i am awake..reading

g:which book?

me:uuummmm..."For matrimonial Purposes"

g:(smiling) whats it about?

me:ohhh just what you and me are going through now..i could associate with what was written in it so got it today on the way back from work..

g: did you get to sit in the train today or as usuall standing by the door?

me:yaaa i did get a place to sit but there was this hugely pregnant lady so i gave her my seat.

g:oh(not knowing what should be said to my previous statement)

g:(genuinely confused) what is hugely pregnant?

me:oh ho...she seemed as though she would be popping out babies any hugely!!

g:(laughing) oh achaa i see i see

silence followed..i see my help needed in carrying this conversation ahead

me: so when is your return ticket confirmd for?

g:i told my boss that the marriage is on 11th so i need to be in India by 2nd Feb..and he said"is there any way you can postphone the dates? dont worry, i told him it cant be done

me:(skipping a beat) please ya tell him you have to be here before the 2nd..i leave for Jamshedpur on the 3rd..lets meet once before the "biye"(marriage,as known in bengali)

g:ya baby i will be there

me:(rolling my blush..he said "baby") ok

g: what happened??

me: naii nahii nothing...just liked what you said


me:kuch nahi kuch nahi(nothing nothing)


me: you said "baby"...i liked it

silence on the other side...

me: heyii you are smiling now..

g:no no..

me:ya ..i can figure that are smiling

g:Gudnyt baby...

(This was one of the many midnight conversations between G and me as we poke from two parts of the globe in Mumbai and Germany..considering this is how we "courted" these conversations are very close to my heart and writing them just makes me count my blesings again)


G said...

He he ... I dont remember calling you that, but would be. Not that I forgot the conversation but perhaps it was a slip or maybe a bye bye in a sleepish (not drunk I promise) state. Strange that these conversations bring such exclamations and emotions then, now and will do so long years from now. Precious moments!

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