Tuesday, September 1, 2009

will the real bad boss please stand down!!!

i dont know how manyof you lucky people will not agree with my post here but i am so totally done with bosses..here are some of my top-most reasons

1.they dont know to wish you on your birthdays

2.they earn shit loads while you are left with peanuts

3.they do not know the concept of replying to a msg which says"sorry i am unable to come to work today since i have a migraine"

4.they get to become your boss when they don't know the meaning of "chasm" and cant pronounce "rendezvous"

5.they remember you only during month ends, when their over polished ass's are on fire

6.they drive out out of office in a merc while you whistle an auto to a halt

7.they send you mails at 10:30 in the night from thier blackberry and expect an immidate reply.

8.they pretend never to know the concept of "reimbursements"

9.what is an hour lo g lunch?huh??one hour for lunch??hideous they say!!

10.they cant finish a mail without using" half-baked efforts" "fake excuses" "pipelines" and finally he one line that makes me wanna go"beep beep beep" is" HAPPY SELLING"

I hope some tale tattling charli in my office is reading this with eyes wide open and thinking of earning a brownie point by e-mailing this link...maza aaeyaga(that will be fun)


asad said...

very well said...very true in our case! ;)

sulagna chatterjee said...

sach ka saamna !!!!

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