Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steaming Hummmfff :( :(

I somehow face these really weird situations in life , where i completely run short of words..and i mean it..

1.Oh my God!!! i am seeing you after 9 years have changed so much.

2.Aww so really are underpaid in your present job.

3. You dont plan to have a baby kya? its been a long time na ..almost a year and a half of marriage.

4.The Biryani is good but it was really heavy n rich..i think too much oil and spices

5.Why dont you wake up and cook early before leaving for work...G can sleep..what work does he have na in the morning?? were late in returning home kya??? but how come your G came home before you?

7.Oh my God,,you have put on weighhhtttt!!!

8.Is that a" real diamond" much is it for(on disclosing the price) aree "real diamonds" itne kam mein milte hai kya?(do you geT "real diamonds" for so less)

9. your husband looks thinner...kuch khata nahi kya(does'nt he eat )??

10.Oh i saw your car had a dent(with a big smile on the face) how much will it cost to repair?

11. During our times, men were never allowed to enter the kitchen an are sooo lucky G helps you so much

12. I dont know baba how you travel in the rickshaws..its too polluted outside

13.oh you dont have an AC in the bedroom

14.oh ok ok its a rented house na...i thought its your own.Then why did you waste so much on doing up the house??

15.I dont belive you had an arranged marriage!!! What did G see in you..i am sure you fooled him with some pretence.

16.You have not seen Trafalger Square..oohh isee i see you have not been to "England" na???

17.I dont think you have worked hard enough

These are some of the many times i pray to God"keep me wise and keep me quiet" these are the many times i have smiled and counted " smooth roads sometimes have broken is my life laced with such broken patches amid the hunreds of people i meet..but i always wonder why is there never a detour for these bumpay pathches in life,just avoiding disasters


G said...

Hillarious :)

Your steam is the other's secret gratification and another's pleasure read.

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