Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rains,coffee,blankets and pakode

last evening saw Pune getting absolutely drenched..one of the crazy rainfalls which make you step out in the rain, take off your slippers and just splash around...as though no one is watching. Sitting inside an air conditioned office on a monday did not leave me with any of the above choices.

On my way back home i let the rain wash off all my make -up,not bothered how i would look with nature playing my hair dresser, tasting the rainwater in your mouth as the winds blow through your wet tangled hair, not bothering to pick up the cell phone as it rings like a maniac, the water splashing on the roads, people cursing others who throw dirty puddle water, birds dripping wet sitting atop electricity cables,everyone in a mad rush to reah home at 6:30..it all makes me wonder perhaps rain is Gods way of some counselling to let people get a brake, slow down their crazy speed in life, let yourselves get drenched in that crisply ironed shirt of yours,stop taking those calls as you get drenched,make you wonder when did you last get wet under the rain Gods, when was the last time you played..let the raindrops revive your soul..

i reached home,got a message from G that he would be late. I text him back saying "did you see the rain" and i got a reply" baby, i was inside the office,dint know when it rained" pondering over the thick irony Life has laced us with, i went on to change into something drier,pull out my faverouite coffe mug and my new read "remember me". Rains have always reminded me of my dad coming home to hot piping tea with pakodes(crispy chik pea flour brownies,deep fried,with salt,paaprika and oninons) as a child...why should it be any different now..finally after 20 minutes of frying and coffee making, i sank into the bed,with the rain drops washing the glass window,my legs tucked inside the blanket,coffee and pakode ready on the bedside table and i sink deep into my book..

i guess thats all life about...comfort food and love


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