Monday, August 24, 2009

shine on you crazy diamond

this one's for you Nin :)

Our first coffee conversation with Poha in the college canteen...

my first doubts on a girl from Bangalore with her complete formals and super high heels and extra long eye-lashes

the first time we poured our hearts out to each other cribbing about love,life,mother-in-laws,driving ,gyming,shoes and calories.

our endless cravings for coffee during office and the super sweet "tapri " chai

finally realising that we are with wonderful men and should be grateful about it

i remember my introduction to "multiply n divide mascara" i can see so many eyebrows raising with question marks on their faces

i guess you have my husband thanking you eternally for the L*****i fetish that you imbibed in me

our major differences in colours i still wonder how you survive with greys and i cant think beyond fuschia and green

ohh did i tell you i still wear those pink super worn sandals of yours which you gave me finally after me begging you for 3 months

the endless shopping trips and discussion on destroying my credit card to prevent me froma greater evil.

we always shared common hatred..not love thankfully over some pretty butterflies we hung out with

i am sorry i sometimes used your "nude" lipsticks when you went to take classes

oh i still own you any own me 135 rupess...100 for something i dont remember and 35 for the chicken "chowmien " we shared

always have hope in you to turn siuations in your farming in mahabaleshwar should not be far away.

parlour visits where you were solely called to hold my wallet and cell phone as i went through several barbaric treatments in the parlour..i know if i call you again, you will come

i dont want to make a sad teary post coz i promise our fortnight coffees in Mocha, either deccan or KP..

just reminds me of one more song" shine on your crazy diamond"


ninfacts said...

thankoo sooo much susu....really sweet n very i "own" is the consultation for the divide n multiply and the L****** fetish and the nude lipstick!!! am unemployed now...135 is wht i will steal from hunoo wallet n yu not getting it...:) its my rojz ki

sulagna chatterjee said...

u rite!! at least you took away one good thing from m..."flick from the man's wallet"its an age old tradition n ritual of marital life:) damn man...the office looks so empty without your curly hair peeping out of your workstation...uuaahhhh

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