Thursday, August 20, 2009

now showing" bhabi next door"

Neighbour : aree Sayali gave birth to a daughter

me: oh wow good news..hows the baby?

Neighbour: the baby was one month early, so we cant visit her now

me:ohh !!! thats sad..koi baat nahi we can visit her later..waise how did you know?

neighbour: ohh Sayali's neighbour, the one on the 7th floor, scrapped me on Orkut...her name is Jyoti.

me: Oh i Jyoti does not stay here anymore did she know then?

Neighbour: no no Jyoti still stays there..we talk on Orkut in the mornings...

Me:(completely riddled in my head..orkutting across two buildings????) acha ok,mai chalti hu bhabi,khana banana hai

Neighbour: aree you have made "non-veg " na ,i could smeel the food across the kitchen

(our kitchen window are opposite)

Me:ohhh(smiling at the new sherlock holmes neighbouring me) ya ya G got it last night from Reliance

Neighbour: haaa i saw him carrying the Reliance plastic last night.Bhaiya late aaye they na kal??i dint see the car parked in the garage last night.

Me: yaa..actually he had his APR yesterday so he left early.

Neighbour: Yes yes i saw him in the morning in a tie so even i thought..koi interview hai kya?i told my husband too

(please note her husband is in the US for 2 months so this "telling " was online)

Me:Acha bhabi,i have to finish my cooking so i can watch the movie at night on HBO.

Neighbour: but you always watch "Sach Ka Samna) i keep hearing the music and sound at night.

Me : yaaa..i do watch it sometime..ok see you then

(i shut the door and am left to wonder the mysteries of next-door nosey neighbours)


Ramit said...


Ramit said...

I have the exact same type of neighbors! Haha!

Mads... said...

heyy.. jus dropped down at yr space for the vry frst tyme..thru sum other blog, nd hav read few of yr posts..jus awsum wrk..liked this laughing like nething..hw beautifully u hav presented it..gr8 goin..nice write ups i can see ..will visit again..n follow it..!!!

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