Monday, August 10, 2009

Its August and I contemplate...

I dont know whether my mood here is supposed to be happy or worried..

Reasons to be smiling about

1.Another 7 months of work ordeal is over from my life

2.I dint hit anyone in more than a year,considering my short temper and reputation in the Mumbai locals.

3.I managed to pay off my pending credit card bills...with some help from external sources.

4.My supper expensive straightened and coloured hair is succumbing to time.

5.i have almost mastered Italian cooking and Biryani

6.G agrees that the last 7 months went like a storm,which means he does not regret being married.

7.All the troublesome relatives were dealt with and seen off, with a smiling face.

8.I have finally learnt the art of writing down my expenses on a diary to keep track..and i live to tell,it does not work.

9.i have stopped swearing..well nearly.

10. i have tried to learn driving and earned myself a learners license.
And then again i contemplate or rather worry about so many other things

1.My weight has not remained constant and shifted...towards to the upper extreme.

2.My straightened hair is gone and all the twists and curls and waves..whatever you call back with a vengeance.

3. Ma thinks i need to keep my house cleaner and cook healthier, something i hear twice in 24 hours.

4.G is now officially saying baby you need to cut down your expenses" this was unsaid last year.

5.I have disowned some friends and acquaintances which is not a good sign for my image of being "chirpy and super nice"

6.My facial hair growth seems to be multiplying with my age..parlour visits and expenses have been on the rise.

7.I have not learnt to say no to unimportant things and people.

8.I have been unable to look out for a better this job,getting too complacent here,all my friends are here,it pays me good enough...etc etc *excuses excuses*

9.I am still doing very bad when asked "so when do you plan to start a family"

10.And finally, i dont have any savings.


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