Friday, August 7, 2009

Dil haarey....

He had made up his mind this time,enough is what he had so far and this time around he will put his foot down. He tried not looking into her face, those eyes, that was all too familiar.he knew he would fall for it and forget all his determination.This was not the first time they had an argument, but not like everytime where he made up for the quarrel, this time he will keep looking into the book...which book was he reading..damn...The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh. so much for knowing about jwaar bhatta(high and low tide) he was at his lowest now ,pretending to be at his highest..ah sweet self respect.

hhhmmmm aankho se jab bhi ho teri aankhen juda man se jab bhi ho tera man khafa

He peeped from his book to see what she was doing,she seemed busy with her cooking. They had planned on eating out but the turn of events made them land at home within 10 minutes of stepping out. She was chopping tomatoes which such vengence, he wanted her to be carefull,as se kept dicing the knife threatengingly.He wanted to help her tuck away that curl behind her ear, as it came in front of her eyes.

tujhe pukare,pukare tujhay man ghabray,bhulaey tujhe,dil haarey pukare tujhe man ja re manale mujhe

She kept cocentrating on the task ahead, she dint want to cook at all.she was okay with some cookies and milk, but what would he have for dinner..uuffff cant beleive it,inspite of the fight they had she was still wondering what would he have for dinner.If only he would have been a little more enthusiastic about it, they would be savouring pasta and wine by now at "Seasons".well,even she could have been a little less agry with look what happened,Friday night and we are fighting :(

sunn payare lagaley gale khoja re, tu gaa re sang re

She wondered, was it always like this from the begining?? no it wasnt.they used to walk beside eachother in complet harmony ,silently,holding hands,watching the waves and thousand of people walk dint bother them,even if they were just the two of them. He was her world, nothign could ever take his place

tere bina zindagi laagey ek saza tera saath ho to, yeh saza laagey ek jazaa toh badte jaye raste saare duniya peeche,hum hai aagey

She looked at him, he looked busy, at least he was putting up a good act of being so. She went ahead and placed the bowl of maggi in front of him.

He looked up and saw a small smile.....
dil haarey.....

"Dil Haarey " is one of my favorite by the Pakistani band JAL,


lawyerjourno said...

Is he your husband or what? huh!!

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