Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As Baba Ramdev says

Now, for all those of you crinkiling up your nose at the title of my blog, i must warn you that you are in for a surprise.

Last year i was at the Bhuvaneshwar airport and heard people shouting "baba ji babaji" and the crowd moved on one side completely.As i tip-toed on my feet i understood what this chant was all baout. Baba Ramdev, the saffron robed man,with the worlds strongest six packs, was sitting in the VIP lounge. There was absolute madness around me as i saw thousand sof people throng around the glass window jus to get a glimpse of th holy man. people bowed at him from a distance as he raised his hand blesisng people, or maybe waving, however one would interpret it. This was a year back and exactly the time when ma was going bersek about Baba Ji's Pranayam, an exercise which apparently builds up your immune ,respiratiry system and is also good at pulling down weight. I have also been receiving authentic inputs from some of my friends who claim to have benfitted by his exercise.

G, espcially found this ntire camaraderie very intriguing and went and bought CD of the Baba Ji giving a "demo" of the various yoga forms. I am sure the plastic wrapper around the CD is yet to come off,its been more than 6 months of its purchase.

However, yesterday was a bit different since this Swine Flu scare had helped me in opening up my mind.Open to new ideas, suggestions, preventive measure to prevent this H1N1 spread. Co-incidentally Baba Ji had a press confrene (only in India will you have a press conference called by a Yogic baba) and it was full house. Since all the news channels were running the same thing i had to watch hat he said, and this time i listened carefully too. His logic actually makes sense.

He goes on to explain how th Pranayam,helps one in building their respiratory system,which in turn prevents the virus from incubating. The exercise of breathing fast keeps the blood flow strong preventing and virus growth.He also suggested the consumption of a pinch of Haldi(turmeric) with a glass of milk to build a strong immune system. He says that every morning a glass of amla juice goes a long way to build strong immune systems. This is what he had to sya about prevention of the spread of swin flu through Yoga and naturopathy,

However there is one very interesting concept he mentioned: In the US the highest dollar denomination note is a 100 dollars similar to the UK. They have more circulation of 10 or 50 dollar currency. However, in India the highets currency note is a 1000 rupees note, which is 10 times more that what is the value of a higher dollar currency. In a country like India where nearly 50% of the population lives below the poverty line ,85% of currency minted is higgher denominations of 500 and 1000. whereas only 15% minted is the regular 5 or 10 rupee notes. He goes on to explain that this is the reason why there is so much fake currency in India going up to almost 200 crores, in the market, currently under circulation. All this fake currency is brought is by people acros borders in suitcases, since its easy to carry a big suitcase full of 1000 rupee notes. Also this fake currency is transported through four wheelers. He suggests that the smaller denomination notes should be printed instad of the larger ones since thne the fake currency import would become difficult since you need lots of big suitcases to import 20 or 50 rupee notes. i think the man makes a lot of sense when he says this.for a change i completely agree with what he says...

i guess sometimes you really need to dump your prejudices and give people a chance..i did and it least i will sound more knowledgable next time i have a conversation on these lines.


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