Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inspired: bitch or goddess

I am in a really nice mood ,one that happens when you are still cuddled in the bed,and someone serves a good cup of coffee, with the bunch of white lillies, complete with a 'good morning gorgeous" note..none the same , i am all set to blog today, probably got too many things in my head.As i was listening to alanis morissete "i am a bitch..." and just realised, ooops that's a bad word,i should not be using it.

i could start writing how my school teachers told us never to abuse,never to swear as that would displease the Lord above and who shall curse thee with the worst kind of torture in hell

I could start with tlling you how my ma used to tell me to be a good girl,never turn to the path of sins..

its like rains, no matter how much you try you get into it, wet and dirty..but FUN!!

so as i write this i remember how i stuck my head out to swear at a man driving like a maniac. driving a SUV under the impression that he owned the road

I remember some more sinful times when i lied to my boss about a flu, while i enjoyed a day at home ,just having some time alone to myslef.

I sinned against my" friend" when i lied to her saying i am busy with work,since i dint want to meet her or her equally retarded husband.

i sinned as i thulped on the cheese burst pizza, and drank it down with a super thick chocolate shake.

or i can also think of the super"lusted-over" Iranian clasmate of ours back in college.

thats me...all black..but having FUN

But i do also remember times when i actually become a goddess, this is something i can vouch for , as very rarely practiced by many.

I make an effort to help old people or a child cross a busy street..and the funniest part is my friends who have seen me doing this often have never done so?? wonder what holds us back

i can write about the time, i let some elderly person stand before me in a queque, surprisingly again i dont see too many people do this.

I love seeing the smile on my colleagues face when i cook something nice and get it to office..and the best part is the fun of sharing one box full of food between 7 super gluttons.

the simple pleasure of bringing a smile on a child face as you hand over a balloon , which i had originally got for myself.

the act of listening to someones useless gossip and seems interested, just adding to her happiness...and yeah to mine too

the simple smile on your face on eating the worlds worst baked cake by your sister,and still saying"awww thats awesome"

the art of maintaing a straight face and complimenting a friend on her choice of clothes at a party,trying so hard to keep your eyes away from the 6 cms long cleavage.

sooo, there you go a little black and a little pink all over again

P.S: forgive me oh lord, for i have sinned and enjoyed it.

:) now i like the ring of it ..sin and fun


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