Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my triumph over celebrations

yesterday i was sitting in the office and noticed the calender...3rd August..that gets ,y anniversary date just 8 days away. Now, this will be my one and a half year anniversary,of marital bliss.Perhaps when i use the word bliss you can gauge that i really mean it.being married to the worlds most adorable man is reason enough to celebrate each day for me.However, i did face a lot of questions and laughter when i announced i am going out gift shopping.

The first obvious question was whats a one and a half year anniversary? honestly i could not understand the confusion..its simple for me to celebrate special moments in life..of course i do not promise continuing this,in the future cuz its completely upto my convenience that i celebrate something..be it a birthday or just a day to proclaimi love you. I always wonder why people say dont start something that you cant finish whats more important..knowing that you started somethign that gave you hapiness or regreting not starting it all. whatever be it, all i know is that i have always done what i wanted to and this time celebrating this anniversary is no different.

So i set out , like all other times to pick up the following mandatory items:
wrapping paper
and flowers..

th flowers here have been kept on hold till the 11th, but the rest of the items have been well taken care of. when i was picking up a shirt for him,i realsied its soemhting that i love doing so much, just the tiny detaisl you pay attntion to,the fit, the sleeves should not be too long,which trouser can he team up the shirt with, does he have shoes to go with it etc...ts fun when you pay so much attention to something that you are not buying for yourself..and the best part is yet to come.its sale season so i got a steal of 40% flat.

I picked up a super yellow wrapping par with green dinnosaurs proclaimingpresent inside written all over in red and pink..and to give the gift wrapping a amster touch a i had a pink ribbon too. The card, somehow happende to be pink,though i try avoiding that colour for him, but invariably the ones with the nice quotes are pink.

when i reached home yesterday,hidding the surprise in my cupboard till 11th was done very carefully since i got very questioning looks on my bulky looking handbag...but those probing looks, the patience of holding on till11th,the smile on his face, teh reactionoh but you have already got me so many shirts and also oopss i forgot to get you anything its all a part of the celebration...and perhaps this is my way of feeling victorious over a celebration.


Apurva said...

And you think he does not read this blog?

sulagna chatterjee said...

aaeeyyeee i am so stuck on a dead end with his gifts...now i am contemplating between a Zippo or Jack Daniels..if he would be reading this i am sure i would have got an SMS saying "Jack Daniels please :) "

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