Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blue Birthday Cake

last weekend was super fun..i just realised , since its an off today and my G is in now..G here referes to my husband, whose name i shall with hold from writing cuz it might tarnish his image among his respectable,sober,spectacled,tiffin sharing colleagues. He has got a wife who writes scandalizing truths and funny anecdotes which might corrupt the minds of many (God forbid if anyone of his revered colleagues comes across this blog..would be fun to see their eyes rolling under those minus something lenses)

anyways coming back to where i started..last weekend. it was fun cuz i dint realise where it vanished untill today , when i have nothing interesting to do. All my friends are home with cold and girlfriends and newly acquired pups and my G is in office. pretty much ran out of anything fun, so thought of rambling about it.

My friends in office have their own way of showing their love and sense of humour which is very well evident with the cake they brought for me. I lo calling myself 'hot chick" and have issued an advosry to all"if you do not save my name in your cell phones as hot chick i shall not consider you as my friends dont bother wondering why "hot chick i just like the sound of it.just like i like the sound of so many words brouhuaha,oomph,penache`, touche` etc. So thats how the icing on the cake came about. this cake came after a week of my birthday, but was brought to celebrate it none the less. When they entered the house poor G dint know what hit him, a blur of hugs,high 5s, abuses,laughter,giggles,beer demands,introdutions and again laughter.let me remind you here that they were coming straight from office and dint have any chance of being drunk..they are just like that.

What followed in the nest 3 hours was beer, breezer, vodka ,cake, food, again cake , beer vodka, breezer and introductions..yes again since G had trouble remembering names. I had actually made some super awesome lunch and let me not sound modest here because i am a dazzling with the brightest smile while cooking and absolutely in peace with her pots and pans.

been almost a week and realsied i had not put up the pictures or written anything about them..guys i am sure you will acknowledge my heartfelt gratitude(blahhhh) whe you read this and some tags for all you guys.

Neha: you looked hot with the blue icing on your lips(evidence attached)
Ninfa: you could not keep your eyes off the cake(evidence attached)
Asad: oooff how many msgs did you send that time(evidence attached)
Dhanesh: you were soooooo sloshed(evidence attached)

PS: thanks guys, it was awesomeeee


Apurva said...

good that I am out of his "colleagues" list, else I would have been sporting minus something specs

sulagna chatterjee said...

*LOL* i am sometimes actually glad that he does not get to read these blogs..and about the minus something lenses...those ofc people of his are minus everything

Roy said...

Reading her blog is always like having a roller coster ride with loads and laods of ups ups ups and little less downs

... its amazing to see her right such flawlessly ... ( kaunse mill ka chawal khati hai, jisse tohar dimag inta chal ta hai)

Ok now coming back to putting some comments on her b'day blog :-) so here i am ...

1. @ "funny anecdotes which might corrupt the minds of many" --- Hmmm all i can say here is absolutely true, goes

back to the days when she used to write in citehr site :-) bass sirf itna hi bolsakta hu :-) rest censored ... :-)

2. "would be fun to see their eyes rolling under those minus something lenses" --- hehehe just couldn't stop laughing

after reading this line, all I could imagine is proper bengali guys from calcutta with jhola and chappals. No offenses

meant to anyone here, just my plain view.

3. @"if you do not save my name in your cell phones as hot chick i shall not consider you as my friends" --- well

well well ... I suppose i no longer fall in the list anymore :-( now that was a little dissapointing :-(

4. @"because i am a dazzling " --- again would rather remain silent on this ...

Keep Writing Dear :-) Mast maaza aata hai padh ne main ... take a book out ( and gift me on too, paise bach jayenge, recession time) I am serious on it.

sulagna chatterjee said...

@roy, thank you for all the expert comments...been missing my loyalist for a long time...n yes thank you for the awesome welcome :)

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