Monday, August 17, 2009

Indiyaahh !!!

When i was 8 , was the first time i learnt how to pronounce the word"indipendence day" by 12, i learnt the meaning of the day. Somewhere in between all these years, we celebrate 50 years of Indian Indipendence. Without looking into the google to find out the exact meaning of the celebration, i only remember the words oft quoted " A Tryst with Destiny" at midnight when we declare our indipendence. I remembered reading about a man who stood in the middle of the Parliament and declared India's freedom...that was 62 years ago.

Today it is so different, amidst all the everyday fights and struggles, our Indipendence day continues to set us free. Free from office, free from work, free from responsibilities, if only for a day but i salute the power of an event that occured 62 years ago, that has the power to bring back our smiles, bring back our pride, bring back nostalgia and memories. As i blog today i remeber all the numberous times i have marched under the Tricolour as a national guide, how i have held my head high under the open sky and sung the national anthem,how i have recited quotes of Pundit Nehru as a child on the mike, fearless and passionate. At 27 nothing has changed either, everytime i am in a movie theatre and we stand up to sing the national anthem i get goosebumps,completely swept over by the power of this anthem. I still look at awe at all our soldiers who selflessly face the toughest conditions physically and mentally to ensure we sing proudly uneder the unfurled Tricolour every year. I salute the spirit of the families of these soldiers who have such strong will to let their children sacrifice so much at the cost of the nation.

As a nation today, we face several obstacles of unemplyement, poverty,terrorism and economical disasters, but what binds us is this Indipendence day where everyone devoid of caste, religion and social status sings the anthem with pride. A day where every Indian relaises mera bharat mahan, a day when evryone stops and buys tiny plastic tricolurs at the road traffic signals and a day when everyone hears what the PM has to say from the Laal Quilla.

I guess this is what i am so proud of, wearing masks but still not deterred to celebrate, under terrorism but yet defiant to fear and seeing an Italian lady, heading the Congress unfurl the flag amid heavy rains ,singing the National Anthem......i guess that the spirit of indipendence, freedom and pride....Jai Ho!!


Kai said...
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Kai said...

As for me, i hate it when people scorn at you for not standing up when they play the national anthem in the theaters. I don't see the big 'hulla' about it.

sulagna chatterjee said...

hi there Kai!! you know what pride is not something that can be taught or discussed have it or you dont..and singing the National Anthem is just one way of having it.

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