Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If there was God i would

Thank him for giving me such a beautiful life, no matter how much you have heard me cribbing i am pretty happy with it.

discuss with him why am i earning peanuts.

Ask him why do this plastic looking actresses have the right to earn fifteen million dollars a movie for faking everything,the joy , the sorrow and the orgasm

Smile at him for getting G into my life since that by far has been the best thing in my life.

Question him on his decision to challenge my driving skills by failing me in all my driving tests

Laugh at him for helping man to create "Google Devtaa"

Get angry at him for helping man to come up with the concepts of politics

Question his decision to let men think they run the society and drive better.

thank him again for the microwave and multiplexes

Puzzle him with his own decision to let Bush become President

Request him to blow off this man called Bin Laden and all his subsidaries

Order him to create a sea in Pune with white beaches and coral reef.

thank him again for chewing gum and traffic signals(dont curse them,imagine what would happen without them)

smile at him for letting Indian cooking become a global favourite

question him on why did i have to forget the day of entrance exams for XLRI

applaud him on helping man develop Breezer for the faint at heart who trip on one peg of Vodka.

The list would grow longer always, but this is whats going on in my mind right now..later better things are to follow suit.


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