Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things to do

Its been an awfully busy day since morning and i am running short of time..i wanted really badly to write something decent for you to read, and satisfy my intellectual thirst. But as of now, nothing intellectual is happening. so thought of just jotting down my "to do list"

by the way, this is a super way of realising at the end of the day"gosh i worked so much???"

1.meeting with the director at 3:30

2.carry enough material with you for the meeting, so he does not get a chance to dismiss you as useless(they usually do)

3.reach home before 6 so MIL can got for a evenign walk on time,as per her schedule.

4.Buy fish food cuz y goldfish is on the verge of a crash diet, have not fed him since morning.

5.return the Cds from the rented video library. Consider wearing msk nad returning it since the " Twilight" cd is at my place for more than a month.

6.Return the library books tonight or else the "gentle reminder" msgs, he has been sending for 5 days will get "gently abusing"

7.Prepare a proposal on senior management, to make them better official(they could not do it for 22 yaers and excpect that to happen in 2 days)

8.Buy oil for cooking or we shall having Maggi tonight..again

9.Pay the ICICI cheque, this is the third time the ECS payment bounced..bastards ahve charged me 600 rupees( for those of you saying only 600,i can use it to buy a new sandal from the catwalk sale) mom,wish boss,msg my travelling neighbour,put a "no milk" sign on the door tonight.

okay..done..i shall check tomorrow and let you know how mny things worked..

till then..have a busier day than mine...grrrrrrrr


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