Monday, June 8, 2009

Yeah..he is "Gay"???

Let me very honest at the begining of the post...i have nothign against men or gay men..i think its an individuals choice and his preference so we should not i write this i rememeber my mother saying its against nature..but then when did we respect nature, what stopped us from using oil, what stopped us from making nuke lets not make humans victims to this excuse.

So, gettign back to what i started with ..why is it we women while talkign brand some men as"sooo gay" this blog of mine could also be a very good "do not do" list for men..

some that come to my mind are

1.Hand movements are critial..if you have your hands swaying with every gust of the wind..chances are dude women are definitely going to call you know what i mean na..there is a difference in being expressive and using your hands and swaying your hands

2.If you cant stop swooning over John Abraham in Dostana then dude you are headed the gayway..i mean i understand that you appreciate his body and muscles and think of getting it on your body but no way are you supposed to be saying""goshh he is soo hott" thats strictly a feminine statement.

3.Tight clothes were designed for women and are not supposed to be seen in tight clothes unless you have amazingly good chiseled body and a good sense of clothes to wear. So next time you want to wear that tight black t-shirt please make sure you look nice in the mirror and the choice of accesories is must.

4.Coming to accessories is of course very important..i think some men really carry off ear studs and ring well..i must salman does a great job even if he wears on both the ears..but with a body like that you can carry off anything or nothign at next time you get somethign stuck to your ear please please do not wear it on the right ear and make sure its small and "macho"

5.Now this is what i wanted to ask some men who would maybe take time out to read this on earth can a man sit combortably with his legs crossed..thats strictly feminine..i mean..helloo wont you be squeezing your"assets" cuz nobody has balls of stell eh???so everytime you sit in an audince,look around at other men and sit like a man.

And now some misunderstood facts.

1.we women like our men to smell good,so use as much of perfumes and deos as you wish too
2.women find men really cute in pink shirts so if you can carry it off please sport a pink shirt.
3.long nails are feminine so we would love to know you get your hands know the emteosexual thing.
4.its always courteous to offer to foor the bill but if the lady insists please elt her pay..we earn pretty well.
5.Crying is not being"girly" it actually mooves us to think"aawww how cute" inspite of the tears in your eyes we find it cute..just the way you find it annoying.
6.Dogs and babbies can be appreciated but just not overdo it cuz you lead to the gay way again..

all said n done...for today..hope it made you smile and helps in some way.


Aps said...

LMAO :)Funny stuff.

But about pink shirt in US bar.. I still wont take the risk. You might attract a few women.. but what if you attract a bunch of gay men .. na..

sulagna chatterjee said...

Aree bhai trust me pink..rather certain shades of pink are an instant hit with women...we shall go shopping once you promise Suppi n me a trip to Pune..

P.S: Suppi had a close encounter with the gaygull variety IN MY PRESENCE in a bar in Thailand.I promise to tell yu the remaining story later

sunny said...

are mishtu piashi tomar blogs gulo fun to kichu lessons kharap noe,jemon crying ar pink tshirt.. sunny

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