Monday, June 8, 2009


its been almost 27 years that she has been in my life, corrction, i have been her life. She never forgets this...i am her life..its funny how we cry and crib at times at how unfair life is but no one actually thinks about their aai mum many variables for the same bundle of joy.

I dont know what rompted me to type this but all i know is that she really eserves this. I guess i will never have the ourage(stupid me) to look into her face and say ma i love you..all those mothers day cards and birthday cards she got hd i love youw ritten on them b ut i can never get to say this to her.i still cant fathom what is it??

At 27 when you are married , busy with your rka nd husband...i can just about manage a 2 minute call to her, after 9PM telling her i am fine and the day was good. But all that she does when i am in office is pray to God that i am safe and i am happy. Even at 27 she makes it a point to make me breakfats as i rush to work. She will pray for me and my family to every temple that she visits, she never complains that i cant spare more than 2 minutes a day to speak to her.
she is content with those two minutes, content with praying for em, content with keeping me happy.

i am still wonderign what has made me write this today. i do keep a small picture of her nd baba in my wallet but the large photo frame in the office desk has mine and my husbands step into my mom's house and a pony tailed picture of a 7 year old sulagna greets you. somewhere admidst all all the birthday cards i sent her i forgot to ponder what she means to i love you


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