Monday, June 8, 2009

So how many frongs does one kiss???

i was thinking in the office today about my past, friday being not exactly one of the bets days to work i thought of blogging the day...actually iw a sreading one of friends blog and thought of thinkin g about my past too.God forbid if my man reads it..ahh i shall settle that later.

My first puppy love was "Ashutosh Chalisa" you need to read my first blog to know more about this

My first crush lasted almost 4 years and the guy was 7 years elder to me.It all began by me seeing him every morning in his lawn, since his hous ewa son my way to every morning he used to be surprised seeing a bunch of girls in blue skirts and white shirts, cycling to school and looking at him and giggling away to glory.And in no time i got his number, called him met him "fell in love" exchanged cards chocolate s and teddy bears, till my story came to an end with him moving to Bangalore for his MBA, oh i was 14 and he was 21

Today he is married for 3 years and one of my good friends who has stuck with me through years.

And then came the wild ages when i moved to pune where my first love happened, one of those popular seniors in college, who would walk me to college since i was new and in this everyday walking i learnt he loves rice, eats chicken everyday(you see all this information was important to please him) this lasted for 2 weeks till one day he asked em to go shopping with him and told me to select a perfume, for his girlfriend

Today he is engaged to(not his girlfriend) but another lady and the both share a beautifull relationship and he no longer walks juniors to their home

Then came my local flavour with one guy who could not stop claiming his links with the Bhai's of Pune and the high rankers in Maharashtrian Politics.I last saw him standing in a line in the passport office.

Finally at the age of 22 came a nice bengali boy who happened to be my neighbour, parents liked him, i fell in love with him because my friends said he looks like Salman Khan.Everytime he called his mom too spoke to me, he went buying gifts for me but his mother chose them, he went out in the evenign and his mother went with him, he came to visit me in pune and his mother ensured she called to check if he had his lunch.The moment i saw him off at the airport his mom called to ask if he was wearing his muffler since the flight would be cold.that was the last time i worried about his muffler

Today he is married with a 1 year old son and his mother takes him out for his evening walk.

Of course i am not writing much about the marriage offers i got over discussing PF formalities with my HR Manager, or the "love at first sight suggestions" from the numerous ass**** i met in parties.All this was a part of growing up and meeting the many frogs in life till i met my prince charming.

And today when i see him i realise how many sour grapes you have to taste till you get to that sparkling clear exoctic and rare wine.

(P.S: Baby if you read this please try to laugh it off)


sulagna chatterjee said...

please dont mind the spelling mistake in the title" So how many frogs does one have to kiss?"

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