Monday, June 8, 2009

books: pictures and covers

Everytime i walk into a book store i face a crisis...which one do i buy this time??? i dont remember the last time i bought a book on someone's know the usual statement" it's an awesome book, absolute must read" . i think the last time i tried reading "The catcher in the rye" i made a mistake..with all due respects to its hugely popolar fan follwoing..its was just not the kind i would have liked.

Some days back i had book hunting in a shop and came across a very interesting book titlled " Married but available" .Now let me tell you one thing.. i DO judge a book by its cover. something about the colours blue , purple and pink that pull me to them. however , this one had a yellow cover but what struck me was the title..."interesting i say" and now comes the dirty confession...i actually though what would Mr.Mukherjee think on seeing his wife faunting a book titled so scandelously. So i dint bother reading the became history.

Not really....i came back from visiting my parents in march and was unpacking, when suddenly somethign yellow caught my attention in the shelf of books....Mr.Mukherjee was currently reading " Married but available" while i was visiting my parents..

Wright now as i type this i can think of so many such instances when the name of the book scandalized em enough to drop the idea of buyinh it..

"A married woman's guide to infidelity"

"Ice in the bedroom"

"Confssions of a shopaholic"

i am sure there were many more but now, iahave learnt my chickening out from scandelous tittles...My dear Mr.Mukherjee i owe you this one :)


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