Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Office Office

No i am not exactly in the mood of cribbing but yeah just wanted to blog about a few "not so great" things in my life.

i am at work now,but has this irresistible urge to blog about some of the specimens i work with. You must have all noticed how everyone in ofice has "some special buddy". you know the kinds who accompany you to the loo(this is strictly applicable for girls),who see's your face in the morning and says "wasup" the others are ore polite with a" hiii..good morning" of course there is nothing wrong with a good morning but you k niw those are all the formal friends you have but this one buddy of yours will be the one who chooses your birthday gift when everyone in office has pooled in money. She is the one who will share the washroom mirror with you as you fix your make-up after lunch. This buddy of yours will sometime up cover -up when you call in sick as you spend the day home after a sunday night hang-over. She is the buddy who will sit up late with you at office as you speak to an angry boss in a concall after your office hours. She is the kind of buddy who will go down for all your "sutta break" even if she sips tea a you drag a puff...passive smoking kills too, but who cares...mera dost is the best.

confession: i am the same "buddy" to my friend,the kinds i mentioned above.

And then you have those who will do anything o ensure you stay away from the limelight. They will make it a point to bring down your credits as much as God is willing(GOD, do you see this???) these are the parasites who shall share the same lunch table with you but rush to stand first in the washroom to wash their hands. These are the inconsiderate civilians who will ensure they park in the shade while you have to rest your car in the sun. they are the ones who crib about the AC temperature being to hot or chilling. These workmates never mind "borrowing" your pen on a non-returable basis. Some of these "colleagues" go one step ahaead and mention your 3 hour lunch break during a "concall" with the boss. These are the ones who God Himself created so we pray everyday and say "God keep that parasite away"...God has his own way of pumping his TRP ratings.

confessiion: i can be a parasite like this one, not always, just a few exceptions face this wrath.

And now its the turn of the Almighty, the man with the chicest business card, the lady with the power to come late and not get less saary, the suprpower who just needs to raise his/her finger and a cappucino express with a chicken salad is brought(complimentary of course) by their numerous worshippers. Yeah, i talk about the biggest and baddest four letter word "BOSS". This one entity will ensure you exceed expectation whne the world is declaring bankruptcy. This superpower will call you everytime you extend your breaks by 2 nanoseconds,checking on your whereabouts. This is the hand that types the deadly end-of -the-month mail asking for updates, when all your clients where in hibernation.This is the voice that pierces her glass cabin an reach your ears as she asks a collegue to "improve performance". The face that never curves into a smile as you mentione your one week long vacation for your honeymoon, the eyes that look for any" illegal" websites on your desktop monitor.this is the almighty, universally feared boss

confession: i dont have muh experience with this third category

Now, you know how i manage to blog as i work in office now...Wicked



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