Wednesday, June 10, 2009

moushee :)

i am sure for a lot of us this is a very common word..some hange in variables a syou move along the contry it changes from maashi, mousi, moushee. the word basically refers to your mothers sister, but here i beg to differ.

i am talking about the almighty,omnipresent,undoable,ineviatble "kaamwaali baai whom we address as moushi..i have one such moushi too who honestly makes life easier for me...till the brooming and washing is concerned.we all know that these maashis help us with all the household chores but i pay this blog tribute to our household help,maushee :)

Moushee promises to come home by 9 and reaches punctualy at 11 everyday. she begins by telling me how the lady in flat number 602 gave her a kings breakfast, while she makes tea for me and my husband. She goes on say how the 602 bhaiya makes tea every saturday morning for her and his wife. My husband ,of course , practices selective listening and keeps reading the newspaper. As she takes to the drawing roo with the broom, she brushes my husband too with the broom,while he is engrossed in the newspaper. As she slides between the doors, leaving the corners, forgetting the dust under the bed, behind the fridge, she mnages to broom the house in a recor span of 4 minutes in a three bedroom house.

Next maushee is heard in the bathroom,singing a local song as the water overlows from the bucket,while she prepares to sweep the house. she finishes two bedrooms in 3 minutes and i notice the water without any phenyl. On noticing the same , she rushes to pour half the phenyl and uses the same bucket of water for the rest of the about maximum utilisation of resources.

Maushee has been with us for more than two years,and in these two years we experienced her cooking skills, cleaning skills and even conversation skills. The day we were discussing on buying a car, the same evening we had three of our neighbours dropping in to congrtulate us. Needless to say she also went and informed everyone about my "illness" as i womitted one entire day. i soon had friendly neighbours asking "delivery date kab ka hai?"

Maushee of course takes the cake when it comes to cooking. She manages to fry eggs with no salt, cook vegetables with a litre of oil floating, make rice which is soaked in water while we eat, she manages to make the most exotic"marathi" food which somehow does not slip down my throat. She makes tea which sometimes can work as sugar syrup, she fries puris which if thrown from a distance can crack your skull.

The clothes in our house of course have their own story, the whites are stained with shades of blue. Our sox have never been reunited wth their rightful pairs, the jeans scream for mercy as she scubs them with the brush and sometimes she manages to forget removing stains off our shirts. I once remember last year, we were returning in the evening from the office and as i stepped out of the car,i saw some dogs playing with a red cloth under our balcony.amused at their enjoyment i went forward to see the canines at play, only to realise that the red cloth they were now busy pulling apart was my duppatta which was a part of my wedding treassou. maushee had forgotten to clip it :)

And thats how our life goes on with maushee, its 2 PM and i just finished having a lunch packed by maushee.thoughthe rotis were hard she had carefully wrapped them in a silver foil. Though the vegetable had extra salt she never forgets to keep a spoon for me. And yes i still have the apple left which she puts in everyday morning in my bag, in case i get hungry while coming from work.I guess thats how she knows to stay as a pert of our family over the last two years :)


Aps said...

Itne paise main itna-ich milenga!!

sulagna chatterjee said...

thanks Apu, "maushee" and mere rishtey k beech paise ki daraar aa gayi

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