Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sex symbol???

i was thinking of a suitable,less loud title,but this is the only thing i could think of. i want to know what/who is a sex symbol? its an innocent little question i have in my mind now after reading a very "thought provoking" interview of John Abraham. this is what the actor says" i have no problem being a sex symbol,as long as people are happy with me.I dont mind being in that bracket" for a man who can hardly stay in his briefs,he is happy in some bracket at least.

Coming back to my question...what classifies you as a sex symbol?? so will it be the mighty Kamasutra or mallika. i mean common kudos to the lady for actually getting a tv channel to feed live news and video of her making a milkshake. So please correct me..the milkshake becomes a sex symbol?

acha chalo,i will not get bothered by her, but moving up the ranks lets talk about Piggy Chops.what??? you dont know piggy chops..darling ,thats how abby baby calls priyanka chopra,who became a sex symboln in the gold now my next question is,does the swimsuit too become a sex symbol?

but for mere mortals like us who dont get into gold swimsuits, who dont get the "honour" of having a milkshake named after them, or people who cant think of displaying themselves in briefs, we can never seem to understand what is a sex symbol??

the forum remains open and i will continue my research, till then let the johns and the ladies be happy in brief :)


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