Thursday, March 26, 2009

What we Woment Do

you know, i have been noticing this for some time and its really funny. There are these things which we women do and its funny how we dont dont usually notice this.Have you noticed how women have a habbit of keeping their mouths a little open when putting mascara or liner on the eye.Have you notice how many times they will check their lipstick during the day to see if its there.All women would smell their shirts three times before stepping out of the house if they have applied a new perfume.all women would look into the mirror in the lifts to check themselves before stepping outAll women, almost all like buying heels but cant walk much in them.All women, like their men to look nice and smart but if complimented by other women, its not usually very welcome.

Its surprising how confident we are yet unsure, how clear we think yet get confused , how positive we feel yet get gloomy.Talking of gloomy, i need to write this down since i am sure other women in history may have done the same, when depressed we dont just eat choclate but also end up feleing fatter. And guess whta , if we are trying an old favrouite outfit and it does not fit well..we cry and get depressed and contemplate another ice-cream. I guess if we women get rid of our depression Hormones half of the ice-cream companies in the world will get into bankruptcy(hey is any ice cream company listening, why dont you ever have "femme fatale flavour")

No no wait i have more to say, and this time i am sure you will have a hearty laugh when i tell you about my passion for goiod shades when i am driving....i mean when i was learning how to drive. I once screamed really loud before hitting the pillar in front of me, and my husband says i should have just pressed the brake. So anyways comming back to my shades, i notice most women drive with shades in the mornings , some smart ones pull it out in the evenings wonder we have so many stories of women going in the underground parking of malls and missing the wall..arey hum toh james bond hai chashme nahi utarte andhere mein.

And finally when i end this since i need to rush home i must talk about our weapon of male no dont get imaginative now. I am talking about when i have someone getting me a surprise gift you see me dewy eyed and i shed tears again whenmy husband forgets to message me for one whole day"you just dont care enough"

There shall be more to read about soon..i promise

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Ramit said...

This is amazing the way you expressed it all. Wonderful.

sulagna said... took out time to read my purana blogs also

biiggg huggg coming your way

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